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Looking forward to 2024!

December 20, 2023

Dear Friends, Donors, Well wishers and all around good people who care!

All year long we show you why we need your support, and more importantly, what your donations can (and do) accomplish.

Here is our year end letter online now!

In these tumultuous times we have to be ready to help our partner charities through thick and thin, as in the recent Cyclone Michaung in Chennai area where our grantee Blue Cross of India stepped in to rescue the stranded and suffering animals.

Following up to last email report, here is news about our project to give earthquake relief for the animals in an devastated isolated part of Western Nepal The transported relief materials including tents, blankets, fooding materials and medicine went in a big truck until a point where there was no road access so the relief materials were then transferred to three different tractors in order to bring it to the high mountain where the materials were distributed!

Below a joint project of Animal Nepal and Sneha's Care entirely funded by Help Animals India. Hari Joshi of Animal Nepal (L), Right Sneha of Sneha's Care (R) traveled with great difficulty to oversee the lifesaving project!

We have a new map of the grantees online. All NGO's on the map above received a grant this year or last and we aim to continue to help as many as we can!

🌟 Donating will bring rescue, comfort and help relieve the misery of many street animals and the people who love and care for them.

🌟 The spay/neuter/rabies vaccination projects for dogs and cats with prevent countless suffering!

🌟 The wildlife rescue projects will help maintain a balance for the wild ones in our increasingly stressed world!

🌟 The cow and buffalo rescue projects will go very far in the debt we humans owe to the entire cattle race!

We particularly like this article from our grantee Karuna Society - "Waking up from domestication: Remembering who they are."

Now wishing everyone a Happy Holiday as the fabulous "Chochu Merchan" from Columbia performs Feliz Navidad Sin Crueldad from his rescue farm in this absolutely delightful video!

It is a huge responsibility to make sure the funds are used in the best way possible so we can benefit the animals we all love and care about so much.

The dollar is even further up but that is good news for us helping in India and Nepal! The world has numerous challenges these days to say the least so really appreciate if your heart and soul (and finances) can find the room to include our efforts for animals.

Any donations received are used in a timely manner and directly help to save animal lives.

We couldn't agree more with this quote from Lewis Bollard, philanthropist:

"I know this work can be emotionally-draining, discouraging, even infuriating. Everything we do feels small compared to the scale of suffering before us. And yet you keep working and donating, with patience, generosity, and compassion, to help those who can't help themselves. The best people always have."

With deepest gratitude and appreciation from the Help Animals India team, our colleagues in India and Nepal, and the animals!

Gowri, Aneesha, Janu (L to R), and the other 3 elephants Durga, Lakshmi and Rani at WRRC and ALL OF US wish you...