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Record breaking heat - how we are helping to save lives!

June 3, 2024

Dear friend of India and Nepal’s animals:

We hope this update finds you well! Alas, the intense heat continues on the Indian subcontinent, with average daily temperatures soaring into the mid 40ºC’s (113ºF). Just days ago, a new all-time heat record of 52.9ºC (126.1°F) was set in Delhi, obliterating the previous record of “just” 48°C, and possibly setting a new heat record for all of India.

Air conditioning isn't an option for most people in India, let alone the animals. But what does provide incalculable — and sometimes lifesaving — relief are the water bowls our grantees and countless volunteers diligently put out — and keep refilling — for the thirsty animals of the streets.

From Help Animals India grantee: STRAW India, helping even the smallest among us!

Sanctuary, not Slaughter

The great, soulful domestic water buffaloes you see here were rescued from an overloaded vehicle by our grantee, Raahat for Animals, Dehradun. The buffaloes were on their way to slaughter, which, sadly, is legal in Dehradun. But overloading the buffaloes — which endangers their lives on the way to having their lives taken — isn’t. That was all the excuse the Raahat rescue team (including their dedicated veterinarian, Dr. Uttam Singh Kahlon, pictured here) needed to lawfully transfer the buffaloes from the hands of those who would slaughter them into the loving care of the Raahat sanctuary, where they will eat instead of being eaten for the rest of their lives. The buffaloes will join some 150 other water buffaloes, goats, roosters, pigs, dogs and cats, among other species rescued from slaughter or ritual sacrifice or a vicarious life on the streets with disabilities or other special needs. Thank you so dearly for helping us help Raahat fulfill their compassionate mission.

Karuna (Compassion) in Action

Another bustling animal shelter/clinic we are privileged to help fund is the Karuna Society for Animals and Nature. Located in Puttaparthi, South India, the shelter's hundreds of rescued cattle, cats, dogs and wildlife are really feeling the heat this summer (which, in India, begins in March). It’s really an all hands on deck moment to help the Karuna team make it through the sweltering weeks and months ahead, to keep feeding all their animals, to continue their community animal birth control work and to keep on rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals — like this sweet baby bonnet macaque who had been attacked by street dogs when Karuna came to his rescue. Depending on how well the little guy recovers, he will either be returned to his place of origin or find a new family with the other critters at Karuna's dedicated wildlife centre. You can help Karuna keep up their great work by donating to them directly from within India or from anywhere else in the world through us and/or PayPal.

TNR: Trap, Neuter … and release more animals from new cycles of suffering

We join Nepal’s Catmandu Lovers in celebrating the sterilization (yes, sometimes sterilization is worth celebrating!) of another 100 cats, with our help, made possible by yours. It’s a recipe that's helped us head off needless suffering for thousands of cats and the kittens they might otherwise have had, thanks to our partners on the ground, including Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) in Bangalore and JBF (Just Be Friendly) in Assam.

Another animal ambulance for Agra

We are thrilled to announce the donation of yet another life-saving vehicle by you, dear donor! 🚑🐾 Thanks to your generosity, Help Animals India grantee (PFA) People For Animals, Agra now has a new ambulance to rescue injured street animals and rush them to emergency veterinary care.

Want to know more about our ambulance program? Watch our video.

From Sarnath, with loving kindness

Up north in Varanasi and neighboring Sarnath, it has been our privilege to sponsor two closely associated groups: Varanasi for Animals, which is a full-fledged veterinary and spay/neuter clinic and mobile rescue service, and Sarnath Animal Welfare, whose volunteers bring lovingkindness to some of the most needy and vulnerable animals of the streets.

On a dark side note: in parts of far Northeast India, lax law enforcement means the illegal dog meat trade continues to rear its ugly head which our long time grantee, JBF (Just Be Friendly) is fighting against.

Read this update from our friends at the Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre (WRRC) near Bangalore

After an invigorating morning walk, the elephants are ready to take it easy! For the rest of the morning, they totally chill doing their favourite pastime, which is munching grass, interacting and dozing… After years of labor given to humans, we truly feel blessed that we can give them a retired life, away from the maddening crowds.
The centre has a NO visitor policy, and this is the reason they can afford to be kept free at all times, in the vast acreage they call their home!
Your support has been instrumental, as has been the support of the Karnataka Forest Department, without whose visionary intervention it would have been impossible to put everything together for a much needed retirement sanctuary for the elephants who needed it the most.
Our heartfelt thanks to you, and please continue to support the only facility in a public-private partnership in southern India.

Would like to help feed these rescued elephants?

Here’s what it costs for the care and feeding of some of the less supersized animals of India, can you help with any amount?

Thanks for reading! We wish you all the best in your efforts to bring happiness and comfort to all! With deepest gratitude and appreciation from the Help Animals India team, our colleagues in India and Nepal, and the animals we love and serve.

Help Animals India grants your kind donations to both well-established and emerging animal protection groups who confront daunting obstacles every day in their mission to rescue, shelter and fight for the rights of animals. We work closely with these groups and vouch for their courage, compassion and determination. Our guidance helps them improve their missions and operations so they can maximize their effectiveness as advocates for and defenders of the animals of India and Nepal.