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Dr. Akshay Prakash teaching Sarnath children about kindness to animals.

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  • Saving India's Street Dogs

    Help Animals India

    Millions of stray dogs live on the streets of India. With the recent increase in popularity among Indians of full breed dogs, more and more dogs on the street are abandoned pets or have bred with pet breeds. More →

  • Restoring the Sacredness of India's Cows

    Help Animals India

    In India, cows are sacred, in principle, to the dominant Hindu population, but this reverence is often expressed in words alone. India’s anti-slaughter laws do nothing to prevent spent cows and buffalo (and surplus calves of both species) from being shipped to other states (or countries) where it is legal to slaughter the poor animals. More →

  • Freeing and improving conditions for India's Captive Elephants

    Help Animals India

    A profile of the extraordinary work of CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) - a Help Animals India-partner charity - to restore India's thousands of captive elephants to dignified lives in chain free sanctuaries. More →

  • In India cats are the ultimate underdogs

    Help Animas India

    Caring for cats in India is challenging. To begin with, having cats as companion animals is a relatively new concept. As a result, there is a great need to educate the population about how to care for cats. Also, there are few veterinarians who know how to treat cats or perform spay and neuter. More →

  • Why Vegan? Animal Agriculture in India

    FIAPO / photo credit Blue Cross of India

    Help Animals India promotes vegan diet as much as we can. Here is more info courtesy of FIAPO (Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations) about this vital subject as "contrary to popular belief, animal farming in India is as intensive and cruel as anywhere else in the world”. More →

  • The Power of Language in Animal Welfare: Shaping a Compassionate World

    Help Animals India

    Discover how the language we use influences our perception of animals and impacts their welfare. Explore the importance of choosing compassionate words and promoting a kinder society. Join us in supporting animal rights and making a positive change today. More →

  • How to adopt/export a dog from India

    Help Animals India

    What if there is a certain dog in India you have fallen in love and want to adopt right now? You’ve found a dog who has touched your heart and no one can offer the pup a good home, but you! If this is your situation, you have come to the right place. More →

  • Help stop the dog and cat meat "trade"

    Help Animals India

    The consumption of dog meat is illegal in India but is flouted in the far N.E. states of Mizoram and Nagaland, where hundreds of dogs are killed brutally for the meat trade. Some consider dog meat to have high nutritional and medicinal value. More →

  • Loving animals during lockdown: Activist Eileen Weintraub

    A beautifully written article about Help Animals India founder Eileen Weintraub by Maneka Gandhi, who is the foremost Indian animal advocate and head of People for Animals India. It was published in Indian newspapers in several Indian states and also here. More →

  • Buddhist Teachings and a Plant-Based Diet in the 21st Century

    Help Animals India

    A talk in Nepal by Eileen Weintraub at the 2022 Vegan Himalayan Festival. More →

  • Ahisma in Action

    Help Animals India

    Help Animals India Founder Eileen Weintraub presents an informative presentation on the repercussions of animal agriculture, and the plight of street dogs & other species across India at the 2015 FARM Animal Rights Conference in Washington, DC. We are happy to have had the opportunity to educate more activists about global animal issues, as well as gain new supporters for India’s animals. More →

  • Vets with Nets

    Help Animals India

    Rabies and dog overpopulation are a serious problem on the streets of India. But in this upbeat video, Sarvodaya - an A-Team of dedicated animal lovers - play dogcatcher with nothing but good intentions. Their compassionate catch, treat and release work is funded, in part, by Help Animals India. More →

  • When Kitty's Eyes Are Smiling

    Help Animals India

    Thanks to supporters like you, the cats in our rescue projects and sanctuaries in India, received food, medical attention and loving care! More →

  • Helping Animals in the Footsteps of the Buddha

    Northwest Dharma News

    Help Animals India is increasing its support of animals in Lumbini, where the Buddha was born. This is part of its ongoing work supporting animals at other sites sacred in Buddhism, as well as at many other places in India. More →

  • Helping animals from Brooklyn to Bodhgaya

    Northwest Dharma News

    In my role I try to share in the sweat, trials and tribulations of the Indian activists whom I greatly admire. Every day I am impressed by the many ways these dedicated people make a difference in. More →

  • Spreading compassion where the Buddha first taught

    Northwest Dharma News

    Eileen Weintraub describes a Help Animals India mission of compassion for the dogs and villagers in one of India’s most sacred Buddhist sites. More →

  • Interview with Eileen Weintraub

    The Organic View Radio Show

    An interview with HAI's Eileen Weintraub during the first annual India Weeks for the Animals in 2013 - the problems, the solutions and what we and our partners in India are doing to help. More →

  • The Boom and the Beast: Understanding Animal Reactions to Fireworks

    Help Animals India Editorial Team

    Discover how fireworks impact various animals, from pets to wildlife. Learn why they react with fear and stress, and find compassionate ways to celebrate while keeping all creatures safe this July 4th. More →