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Riding with buffaloes, new centre for wildlife and other news

September 8, 2023

Dear Friend of India and Nepal's animals!

We hope you are doing well. We are ever grateful for your ongoing interest and support. The animal world's troubles may seem endless, but compassion never takes a holiday.

We'd like to update you on a few of our projects.

Karuna Society is one of our dedicated grantees in South India. Their challenge is great, feeding and caring for the hundreds of shelter animals in their care, including cows, buffaloes, dogs and cats. Since you may not be able to travel there, here is a glimpse of how the staff feed the cows. They are thrilled that people will be watching them from around the world. Please take a look!

A new and improved centre for rescued wildlife

GREAT NEWS for the wild animals rescued by Karuna Society, which has finally begun its construction of a new Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. The 54 wild animals living in the old centre have more than earned their new & improved digs. The exotic cast of residents include sloth bears, blackbuck antelope, sambar deer, bonnet macaque monkeys and peacocks!

These animals cannot be released back into the wild for various legitimate reasons. Meanwhile, new rescues continue to arrive due to human-animal conflicts (e.g. bears), as well as snakes from houses or compounds and acute veterinary patients like electrocuted monkeys and poisoned peacocks.

The new centre, located on its own lot of land close to the reserve forest, will be a safe haven for all wild animals in the extended area of Rayalaseema for the next 30-plus years. We need your support to make this happen. Please donate and mention "New Wildlife Centre" as the recipient!

Projects go on daily to help community dogs and cats. Here is a summary of our project in Varanasi for just one recent month – the fascinating old city of Benares holds challenges indeed.

July Highlights from our project in Varanasi

ABC (animal birth control) Surgeries: 298 (Male: 161 | Female: 137)

Treatments and Rescues: 290 (Male: 154 | Female: 136)

Every number here represents a life touched, cared for, and given a chance at a better future. Our mission is fuelled by your support. Consider donating to help us continue this impactful work.

Exciting News! Introducing Help Animals India's sponsored brand-new facility in Aurangabad (now Sambhaji Nagar) under the auspices of HOPE & Animal Trust.

Surrounded by serene lush green mountains and picturesque farms, our shelter is a haven for furry friends in need.

With a capacity to accommodate up to 100 dogs, the facility comes equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. From a fully functional Operation Theater to an Isolation Ward designed to cater to special cases like distemper and parvo, it is fully prepared to provide the best care possible.

In just one month, we've sterilized a total of 150 dogs, ensuring a healthier and happier future for them. 🐕💕

Watch the video here.

Another captive elephant finds freedom at the WRRC centre!

Here she is arriving at the centre! 27-year-old Lakshmi was separated from her family at a very young age and then chained inside a 20 x 20 foot shed with a concrete floor. Due to these brutal conditions, Lakshmi now has a right forelimb stiff with arthritis, and she is blind in her right eye. She was swaying and weaving non-stop when she arrived at the centre. But the moment she was off her chains this distressed behavior magically stopped!

Doesn't she deserve her freedom and a new, loving home with her new friends – in order of arrival - Aneesha, Gowri, Durga, Jamuna , Kasturi and now Lakshmi! All of them rescued elephants like herself, enjoying their new lives thanks to donor support and the auspices of the Karnataka Forest Department. Taking the best care of these magnificent beings is expensive. Please help us support them and encourage as many more rescues as possible!

Exposing Live Animal Transport in Nepal Sneha's Care Exposes Animal Cruelty! 📹💔

Our grantee is bravely battling the deplorable conditions of live animal transportation in Nepal. They've shared a heart-wrenching video exposing the harsh reality. 😢

🚨🚨 Trigger Warning 🚨🚨

Animal transport in Nepal is rife with corruption. Existing standards and guidelines aren't implemented or taken seriously. Our grantee in Nepal, Sneha's Care, is exposing this cruelty. They travelled with the buffaloes inside one such transport truck and experienced the trauma of how the animals felt while confined for 22 hours inside a congested space with no food or water.

Sneha's reports that inside the truck two attendants beat the buffaloes with sticks so that they don't try to sit down on one another and squeeze each other to death. Sneha's goal is to ban live long-distance animal transport. The transport of thousands of buffaloes from the western part of Nepal to Kathmandu under these brutal conditions is, at best, a three day ordeal. When there are landslides and the roads get blocked, the trucks and their living cargo can be stuck in one place for weeks. All this time, the buffaloes' tails and noses are bound with ropes. Such torture. Sneha's reports that their team goes out mainly on Friday nights to check on the animals. They ensure the truck driver, rancher and herder are made aware of the animal welfare standards and guidelines. "We have been holding meetings with the stakeholders several times to follow the standards," Sneha's writes, "but they do not implement, and the reason is simple: corruption." You can help stop these atrocities by donating!

In India, cats are the ultimate underdogs

Caring for cats in India is challenging. To begin with, keeping cats as companion animals is a relatively new practice. There is a great need to educate the public about proper cat care. It doesn't help that few veterinarians in India know how to treat cats or perform spay and neuter oprations.

Cats in #India and #Nepal face serious hardships and need our help.

We can't do it alone – we need your help to keep providing for these pure and innocent souls. If you want to help make a difference in the lives of animals in need, please join us. Together, we can strive to ensure that every creature has a life free from fear and pain.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation from the Help Animals India team, our colleagues in India and Nepal, and the animals!