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Effective Altruism: Spring update 2023!

April 6, 2023

We are reaching out to you for your kind caring attention and support!

Help Animals India goal and mission is Effective Altruism: In our last update we listed all of the 2022 grants given. So far in 2023 we have embarked on projects both old and new.

Our new grantees so far in 2023 are:

  • KAT (Kathmandu Animal Treatment)
  • Aurangabad for Animals - animal shelter and rescue service
  • People for Animals Delhi - for Kashmir, Bareilly and Kolkata
  • People for Animals Agra - animal shelter - cow feed and vet fee
  • Cattitude Trust - cat shelter, Chennai
  • Nepal Animal Welfare and Research Center (NAWRC) - major support for rural dog animal birth control
  • Animal Nepal - year round clinic and animal birth control for dogs in Lumbini (Buddha's Birthplace)
  • Aditi Parameshwaran - private rescuer in Mumbai
  • Darjeeling/Kalimpong Goodwill shelter - rural animal birth control 300 dogs

In Nepal: Here in the rural villages (through our partner NAWRC listed above) children are bringing their dogs to get free spay or neuter and vaccinations!

In India: The rural villagers near Kalimpong (through our partner Darjeeling/Kalimpong Goodwill shelter) W. Bengal Community members love their dogs so much, here they are carrying them home after sterilization.

One of the over 20 animal rescue vehicles Help Animals India has funded in India and Nepal!

Spay and neuter for street cats saves lives. It prevents them from reproducing and thus helps reduce the rising cat overpopulation. This also helps their quality of life for feral community cats, reduce the spread of disease and the number of cat deaths due to disease, conflict, and accidents. Help Animals India supports large TNR (trap,neuter,release) in Bangalore (CUPA); Kolkata (Plant Neuter Repeat Foundation) and Nepal (Catmandu Lovers)!

Varanasi for Animals (VFA) - a Help Animals India project since being developed since 2011 - is now the Number One place for Animal Welfare in the ancient city of Varanasi. The need is so great that we cannot keep up with the calls for help, we receive about 30 calls a day for help.

Here is one of our mobile spay/neuter vehicles going out to the villages where medical help and spay/neuter is rare. This vehicle opens up with a platform so that animal rescue treaments, including spay/neuter can be performed on the spot!

Our Vet Dr Deepak Singh (holding Indian flag) is also training the volunteers in first aid to be able to help on the streets.

Our nearby Sarnath project has become a flagship project on how to organize an animal welfare project for the community dogs in small villages .... along with education for all.

Tenzin, along with two other goats, was to be killed to 'celebrate' the special occasion of a child turning one. The entire family, among them many children, had gathered for the celebration. Imagine the horror ! Imagine the cries of pain that would have echoed around the house! Imagine innocent lives being snuffed out in the presence of little children! What kind of humans are the family hoping to raise? Humanity prevailed and the family agreed to release the goats to Help Animals India grantee at Rahaat for Animals, Dehra Doon - a vegan sanctuary.

Tenzin and friends were destined for a pardon, though no crime of their own! But now live on, surrounded by love and more love!

Here are rescued species at feeding time living in harmony at People for Animals Agra. This sanctuary was struggling until Help Animals India donors stepped in to feed the cows. They rescue animals of all types in their city and for those that cannot be returned to the street keep in sanctuary of dogs, cats, cattle, horses and donkeys too!

Eileen Weintraub, Help Animals India Founding Director, visited Lumbini in Nepal (Birthplace of the Buddha) last year with the Himalayan Vegan Festival and due to connections made at that time we are now funding a project that helps the dogs, cows and other animals there. We are have now partnered with Animal Nepal who will carry out the project of two spay neuter camps this year as well as a year round presence of a clinic and paravet and animal rescue vehicle. Lumbini is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that people visit from around the world. Further the representatives of Animal Nepal will be organizing a meeting of all the monasteries to discuss animal care….A brighter future for all in this historic place!

This is a statue of Kukkuripa who was an Indian Mahasiddha (great Saint). He lived near Lumbini in the 11th century and was famous for his love of dogs….He was known as 'The dog lover' and meditated in one of the caves near Lumbini with a stray female dog he adopted on his travels. After attaining a high realization he went to the higher realms of the gods. But could not leave his dog behind and returned to Earth. Due to this act of compassion and sacrifice he only then achieved full enlightenment and lived a long life of selfless service.

It is baby bird season in the Northern Hemisphere, here is some great advice!

In India Summer is in already full swing, and it's crucial to keep our rescued animals and birds hydrated and healthy! 💦 But just water isn't always enough, which is why #HelpAnimalsIndia grantee @PrayasTeamEnvironment has been treating them to some delicious watermelons and other healthy snacks to beat the heat. 🍉🐦 See a charming short video here.

Our grantees work tirelessly to ensure that every animal under their care is happy and healthy, especially during these scorching weeks of summer heat.

But we can't do it alone – we need your help to keep providing for these pure innocent souls. So, if you want to help make a difference in the lives of animals in need, please join us and together, we can ensure that every creature has a life free from fear and pain.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation — from the Help Animals India team, our colleagues in India and Nepal, and the animals.