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Looking back at 2022, and looking forward!

February 10, 2023

Please read how donations to Help Animals India have protected, saved and rescued animals in 2022, and will continue to do so with your kind help in 2023.

Remember it takes three legs to support a base for taking effective action to relieve animal suffering:

  1. resources
  2. passion
  3. hardwork

Imagine the seeds of compassion that are planted and nourished for an active responsive culture of caring for animals. The support of our donors directly helps those who want to join hands and bring a united force to turn carelessness toward animals into an active on the ground reponse. Here were our life saving and life changing grants to NGO’s in 2022 giving substantial help and inspiration to the following well-vetted NGO's:


  • Aurangabad for Animals
  • Blue Cross of India - Chennai
  • CUPA - Compassion Unlimited Plus Action - Bangalore
  • Karuna Society (Puttapathi)
  • Humane Animal Society (Coimbatore)
  • Just Be Friendly - Assam
  • MAITRI - Bodhgaya
  • Paws Asia - Mumbai
  • Rahaat for Animals - Dehra Dun
  • Prayas Team - Surat, Gujarat
  • People for Animals
  • PFA Agra; PFA Delhi (many including Durg, Uttar Dinapur, Kashmir); PFA Uttarkhand
  • RESQ Charitable Trust - Pune
  • Tibetan Volunteers for Animals - Byalukuppe (near Mysore)
  • Varanasi for Animals
  • Worldwide Vet Services (training camp)
  • WRRC - Wildlife Rescue and Rehab Centre - near Bangalore


  • Animal Nepal
  • Catmandu Lovers
  • Community Dog Welfare (Kopan)
  • Kathmanu Locals (dogs)
  • Magic Marble Foundation
  • Sneha’s Care
  • World Vegan Association


  • Animal Kind International

Help Animals India's main project at Varanasi for Animals

Varanasi for Animals runs the nearby Sarnath Project, which is the perfect blend of East meets West...and what wonderful friendships the project has given rise to! What joy we have received, as we all work together to help the dogs with spay/neuter/vaccination/rescue and other animals around the sacred Deer Park where Buddha first taught.

Helping these villages requires teamwork.... Help Animals India arranges for a first-class team of vets, para-vets from the Varanasi for Animals team amd also gives awareness classes for kindness to help the animals, how to help and interact with them.

In the villages:

In the schools:

Cats Need Help too! Contribute to our spay/neuter campaigns for cats in India and Nepal!

From Left to Right: Durga, Janumoni (newly arrived) Aneesha (first to arrive) and Gowri.

Wildlife at risk!

Along with every other type of wildlife our grants to WRRC (near Bangalore) helps support these are the 4 sweetie rescued elephants all beloved beauties.

BREAKING NEWS! Another elephant rescue, the 5th elephant has joined!

Elephant Kasturi (or Rani), 34 years old, just reached the center after a long drive from North Karnataka. Though a calm and charming elephant she seems to have numerous health issues...and was rescued from very abusive living conditions.

We hope and pray that she recovers soon and integrates with the four ladies at the center. Thank you to the Karnataka Forest Department officials who took extraordinary measures to ensure she had safe passage & convinced all that she needed the comfort & safety of the WRRC Elephant care centre to recuperate & heal. While the herd of 4 elephants are curious & excited about her arrival as demonstrated by their rumblings, she has to recover and gradually be intregated into the herd. She is called Kasturi, but in fact prefers the name Rani which means Queen.

Dairy is Scary

Male calves are often abandoned or slaughtered for meat as they have no 'commercial value' for their custodians/caretakers. This is the horrendous truth of the #DairyIndustry. The calf you see here was rescued by #HelpAnimalsIndia grantee Raahat for Animals, Dehradun and is now living a free life with lots of friends in their #VeganSanctuary.

And at Karuna Society in Puttapathi, please help us continue helping to support the many hundreds of rescued cattle there!

The Karmapa, a Buddhist teacher, one of the guiding inspirations for Help Animals India.

We need your help to keep up the fight to serve and protect all animals, and to give them the love and healing after rescue they deserve!

The U.S. dollar is at its highest value against the Indian rupee, however costs in India/Nepal are way up due to inflation, like everywhere else.

How will we feed all the shelter animals and continue to rescue more? Will you help us with any amount?

We are particularly proud of receiving 104 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews on the Great Nonprofits Website.

We wish you all the blessings to be well and have success in your efforts to bring happiness and comfort to all.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation — from the Help Animals India team, our colleagues in India and Nepal, and the animals.