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Urgent appeals and summer 2023 updates

July 13, 2023

Dear Friend of India and Nepal’s animals!

Hope you are all doing well. We are grateful for your ongoing support and interest. Please make sure to scroll down to end where there is something everyone can do!

The world's troubles may seem endless, but compassion never takes a holiday. Three urgent appeals:

  1. Disaster relief: After a summer of providing water to street animals during the intense heat wave now some shelters and areas are inundated with heavier than usual monsoon rains and flooding and are so overwhelmed to rescue and rehabilitate animals, repair damaged shelters and provide medical care as needed.
  2. From the far flung area of West Bengal, about 500 km north of Kolkata, is a dedicated group for the animals, People for Animals (PFA Uttar Dinapur). We have been impressed with their work and we don’t say that lightly. Everyday they are out rescuing animals with the ambulance we have provided. But the rented area to bring the animals at the clinic is tiny and now they need land for a shelter. We have a matching fund and need to raise total USD $12,000 - will you help with any amount?
  3. From the other side of India, another urgent appeal from our dedicated partner RESQ skilled in wildlife rescue in Pune - they have under 45 days to move and provide emergency aid to 250 wild animals from a facility that is being closed down. These animals are being rescued from very poor condition and are in urgent need of medical aid, intensive rehabilitation, food and proper enclosures. About 150 of them, RESQ hopes to rehabilitate and release back in the wild but 100 of them require long-term care. These include leopards, hyena, deer, monkeys, and several species of eagles and owls. RESQ plans to build a dedicated new facility for a long range plan but now any amount will help.

Here is an update of selected news of some of the other supported projects:

In the sacred surroundings of a Buddhist temple in Lumbini (Nepal) the place where Buddha was born, a monk finds a connection in the gentle touch of a stray doggie. 🌸🐶 This heartwarming moment reminds us that compassion knows no boundaries and transcends all beings. Let us strive to extend our kindness and love to every creature that crosses our path. 🤗❤️

Help Animals India has a project with Animal Nepal to spay/neuter/vaccinate all the community dogs, making a special place for all! Join us in making a difference in the lives of animals in need. Your donation can provide vital support and care. 🐾💕

🚨 Outbreak Alert! 🐮💔

Lumpy Skin Disease has struck Nepal, affecting many hundreds of thousands of both stray and owned cattle. Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha was also badly hit. This devastating disease has wreaked havoc on our beloved animals.It is so sad to see the bewildered cows roaming around after being dumped there from other areas. (People dump them there thinking the Buddhist monasteries will take care of them, but sadly mostly not so!) But there's hope! With your support, Help Animals India grantee Animal Nepal conducted a life-saving vaccination drive in Lumbini, protecting countless vulnerable animals. 💉🐾 Together, we can stop the spread and give these innocent lives a fighting chance. Let's stand united against diseases that harm our animal friends!

🐘✨ Witness the profound bond of these magnificent beings! 🌿❤️ Rescued by Help Animals India grantee Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre - WRRC , these beautiful elephants have found solace and companionship in each other's presence.

These gentle giants remind us of our true essence and the purpose of our existence. They inspire us to cherish and protect all living beings, ensuring a harmonious coexistence on this planet. 🌺🌳

Help us continue our vital work in rescuing and rehabilitating animals like these elephants. Your generous donation can make a significant impact in their lives and support our mission of compassion and protection. 🙏🐾

Together, let's celebrate the beauty of nature and the profound connections we share with all creatures. 🌈🐘

🏆🌟 We're thrilled to announce that Help Animals India has been awarded the prestigious Top Rated Nonprofit status by Great Nonprofits once again this year 🎉🎖️ This incredible recognition is a testament to the unwavering support of our amazing supporters and the tireless dedication of our grantees who work day in and out to improve the lives of animals in need. 🙌❤️

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters and our grantees for their invaluable contributions in making a difference in the lives of animals. 🐾💕

To continue our important work, we rely on your generous donations. Your contribution can make a real impact and help us save and protect more lives. 🐾✨

Donate today and join us in creating a better world for animals.

We have lost count of how many ambulances and vehicles the compassionate and kind donors of Help Animals India have provided in India and Nepal but its a large fleet by now! Think of the thousands of animals rescued, treated and taken for spay/neuter!

Now a first for Kashmir! Help Animals India is proud to support KAWFCares in acquiring a new ambulance! 🚑🐾 This essential addition will enable them to reach and help even more animals in need. 🙌🌿

#NoMore50 - Something everyone can do to help India’s Animals!

From Maneka Gandhi’s office:

Please join us in requesting Indian leaders for stronger animal protection laws.
Its time for the new Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Amendment) Bill to be brought to Parliament.
It is unacceptable that the current penalties for offenses such as killing, beating, torturing, and exploiting animals are still shockingly low, with a mere penalty of 50 Rupees (USD 60 cents - less than a dollar!) for taking a life. This discrepancy is deeply unfair to these voiceless beings who rely on us for their well-being.
Click here to send an email to Prime Minister Modi and others (you can change the reworded language if not an Indian citizen to read "I write to you today as a person who cares deeply about India’s animals”).
Together, let us raise our voices and demand a brighter, more humane future for all living beings.

The Power of Language in Animal Welfare: Shaping a Compassionate World

Language is a powerful tool that shapes our perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes towards the world around us. When it comes to animal welfare, the words and phrases we use can have a significant impact on how we view and treat animals. It is crucial to recognize that our language reflects and reinforces societal norms and values, including our treatment of animals. Read our new guide, "Language Matters" on our website!

We can't do it alone – we need your help to keep providing for these pure, innocent souls. So, if you want to help make a difference in the lives of animals in need, please join us. Together, we can strive to ensure that every creature has a life free from fear and pain.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation from the Help Animals India team, our colleagues in India and Nepal, and the animals!