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The heat goes on! Summer 2023 - news and views!

May 23, 2023

One of the nicest things a donor said to us once is that, through us, he has learned of all the great groups in India and Nepal who are helping and saving animals. That's what Help Animals India does: we make connections. We encourage, fund and advise the hard-working and underfunded groups and individuals in India and Nepal and let our donors know who they are and connect!

Another donor writes: I am Help Animals India's biggest fan ... because of your brilliant ability to manage the complexity of so many groups, because of your intuitive insight to choose the most effective groups to support, because of your competence to get the donations to your worthy recipients, and of course, because of your relentless and determined compassion to stop the suffering of so many forgotten animals.

You may have heard that India will soon surpass China in its human population, on approximately one third the land mass. The street animals are no less populous in their own right, and this time of year they suffer so much from the scorching heat.

The heat goes on...

Summer began in March in India, with temperatures already in some parts as high as 110 F (43 C). This heat won't let up until the monsoon begins at different times throughout India.

An ancient tradition among Indian householders is to put out water bowls for thirsty human and animal travelers. Our groups distribute water bowls like these and encourage volunteers to use them for street cows, dogs, birds and any other animals.

People for Animals Agra writes: We are happy and relieved to announce that with your help we have procured enough fodder to last us the whole year…for our many rescued from abuse and at risk cows, donkeys and buffaloes. We would not have been able to do this without your help. Blessings and heartfelt gratitude to you and all the donors of Help Animals India. 🙏🐮

Our vehicles and the shelters we support make animal rescues and spay/neuter/vaccination possible at Animal Peers in Aurangabad, Maharashtra state. Second from the left is Help Animals India advisory board member, Mr. Praveen Ohal, who also oversees our Varanasi project!

Progress in the sacred village of Lumbini, Nepal (Buddha's birthplace). With the support of Help Animals India and local authorities through Animal Nepal, a total of 153 dogs in Lumbini and 205 dogs in Nepalgunj have just been sterilized and vaccinated! This will be one of two annual animal birth control camps, in addition to a year round clinic. The problem of stray cattle is being addressed, and now when any are injured on the highway, medical aid will be at hand. This dedicated work is creating a better society for animals.

🐱❤️ Spay and Neuter for a Happier and Healthier Feline World! 🐾😺

By preventing unplanned litters, we can reduce the number of stray cats and ensure healthier lives for every precious kitty. 🐾💕

Join us in supporting spay/neuter initiatives run by the #HelpAnimalsIndia grantees. Your donation can make a difference in the lives of countless cats!

Help Animals India is a major supporter of five rescued elephant sweethearts. There is never a dull moment at this elephant care facility run by WRRC in collaboration with the Karnataka Forest Department.

Shown above: The three ladies want to help and serve Aneesha! Possibly because of her age and disability, she is the focus of all their group activities. They patiently wait for her to catch up with them for grazing; they cluster around during her treatment time; and they come running to greet her with much noise and trumpets after their evening walking routine.

It is heartwarming to see their commitment to her and speaks volumes about elephants' concern and attachment to another unrelated and handicapped fellow elephant.

Gowri is the calming presence in this foursome, with Rani, the latest arrival, becoming a great fan of hers. Chubby, rotund Janumani adores Aneesha and can never tear herself apart. This has led to another rather vexing observation that the vast area around is never used as much, because this threesome would rather be physically close than far away from Aneesha who cannot walk as much!

This centre is a wonderful place to observe elephants expressing their natural behaviours after decades in intensive, captive conditions.

🐦🌳 When a tree falls, we lose more than just the tree. During a storm, a century and a half old banyan tree fell, leaving hundreds of painted storks and grey herons displaced and in need of help. Thanks to the efforts of Help Animals India grantee RESQ Charitable Trust and the Solapur Forest Department, over 60 birds were rescued and given necessary treatment. 56 painted storks and 3 grey herons are now in rehabilitation at the RESQ Wildlife TTC Pune. These young birds will be in care until they can be reintroduced into their natural habitats.

Watch the full story on YouTube!

Help Animals India grantee People for animals (PFA) Uttar Dinajpur in West Bengal has successfully rescued Indian Softshell turtles from smugglers! 😱 These poor turtles were being smuggled to a village fair where they were going to be sold for their meat. 😔

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team, many endangered turtles were rescued and released safely back into their natural habitat at Kulik Wildlife Sanctuary in Raiganj.

Indian Softshell turtles are listed as endangered and protected under Schedule 1, Part II of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. We must work together to prevent the illegal trade and consumption of these animals.

Our grantees work tirelessly to ensure that every animal in their care is happy and healthy, especially during these scorching weeks of summer heat.

We can't do it alone – we need your help to keep providing for these pure, innocent souls. So, if you want to help make a difference in the lives of animals in need, please join us. Together, we can strive to ensure that every creature has a life free from fear and pain.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation from the Help Animals India team, our colleagues in India and Nepal, and the animals.