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All good wishes in 2023, Kashmir and more!

December 29, 2022

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead! Please read how donations to Help Animals India are protecting, saving and rescuing animals recently and of course all year long in 2022.

First a message from India's foremost animal advocate Smt. Maneka Gandhi who has asked us to help raise money to buy an ambulance and land for a shelter in Kashmir!

"Kashmir has never been known for its compassion for animals. However in recent times several groups have emerged who rescue animals. None of them are well off but their passion and hard work is evident. The group in Srinagar is called KAWF: Kashmir Animal Welfare Foundation. Started by three women, it has many volunteers now. But they lack the two main resources: an ambulance and a shelter. Animals are treated either on the road or taken in to private homes.
It would be good to encourage them. Kashmir needs to develop compassion for animals and this is a beginning."

Writes KAWF:

"It's difficult for a team of three girls to manage on their own an entire valley burdened with turmoil over the last 5 decades and an attitude of complete carelessness towards strays animals from authorities and a part of the local population as well. But we are fighting and we will fight till death. From a handful of animal lovers to a volunteer base of 35 people, KAWF has come a long way in the last one year. KAWF is providing a one-stop platform for animal lovers across the valley to join hands and do their bit towards the welfare of animals. What we do for animals in Kashmir is out of pure love and empathy. And yes, we aren't able to do much because of lack of space and resources. We can't reach each rescue and it pains us. But we can't leave the fight."

Help Animals India donors to the rescue!

Can you imagine that in the city that holds the famous Taj Mahal has little support for their animals! PFA (People for Animals) Agra writes:

Due to heavy rains the shelter was all full of water and the rescued cattle were suffering. At that time we had prepared a temporary shelter for them so that could stand on dry land. Thankfully Help Animals India noticed the condition and without delay offered their financial help for the repairs. It is with much joy and heartfelt gratitude that we thank the donors of Help Animals India for this immense help. 🙏🏻 The back portion of the cow shed towards the Yamuna river is still being repaired. But with much lightness in our hearts we show the front portion of our cow shed now repaired!

PFA Agra needs more space so that the large animals (which includes cattle, horses and donkeys) can have proper grazing land. In total they have around 360 animals in the shelter. Please help with any amount if you can! Designate PFA Agra when donating.

Community education and real help to the animals with our one of our mobile vehicles!

Our Animal Support Ambulance is making a difference in many ways. We have been flooded with requests to set up the mobile camp from nearby villages that otherwise get no help for the animals. Community members help bring in the dogs so hundreds of dogs are sterilized and vaccinated this way in multiple camps as well as dogs in the Varanasi for Animals main clinic. Mostly it is children who spend a long time watching the help for the animals and many people keep visiting. They can learn and understand the work by flyers we distribute but also through our Television show (a TV Screen is on the side of the vehicle) as we make more and more people aware of preventing cruelty and the need to care for the animals.

Sterilisation has several benefits apart from population control - it improves the quality of life for the animal, reduces or eliminates health complications, reduces the urge to be territorial & prevents the birth of unwanted puppies who would otherwise compete for resources and struggle to survive.

And for cats too, Help Animals India is funding (TNR) trap, neuter and release projects for a major project in Bangalore (CUPA, Nepal (Catmandu Lovers) and also Kolkata as per above.

Rescued for life sanctuary animals

Gulzar (above), along with many of his friends, was made to work for hours on end at a construction site. After being rescued, he, and his friends, now live in peace and comfort at our grantee's shelter RaahatforAnimals in Dehradun.

Your kind donations helped us fund the new shelter where Gulzar now lives, surrounded by much love.

May you live long and healthy, Gulzar 💚

Cookie! Varanansi for Animals did not give up on her.

He's a really sweet girl and we're deeply attached to her. She must have been hit by a vehicle because of that she was facing these difficulties. After we took her, than we started her treatment and physiotherapy but she couldn't improve.

It was then that we decided to find a family for her. We approached many families but none was willing to take her in. We then decided to shift her to our sanctuary in Aurangabad where there are many patients like her she could make friends with and she can live happily 'til her last breath.

Three illegal dog meat operations busted!

Before (left): Three illegal dog busts happened with the help of the police in Assam (N.E. India) at our grantee JBF (Just Be Friendly).

After (right): Still traumatized but in safe hands the dogs are getting rehabiltated at the shelter. While these major dog meat busts happened recently action plans to educate the tribal communities and stop the demand for this illegal "meat." All this is now funded by Help Animals India.

Another new ambulance!

Our ambition is reach the less well known places of India where animal advocates are eager to help more animals. Here a small rescue vehicle was donated for PFA (People for Animals) Durg Billai (located in the east Central district of the state of Chhattisgarh - population exceeding 1 million.)

Here is the dedicated Dt. Uttam, from our grantee at Rahaat for Animals in Dehra Dun with one of many goats rescued from ritual slaughter.

Durga, Aneesha and Gowri (missing from photo is recently arrived Jamumani) wish you a Happy New Year They are so grateful for the sanctuary we have given them!

We need your help to keep up fhe fight to serve, protect and fight for all animals and to give them the love and healing after rescue they deserve!

The U.S. dollar is at its highest value against the Indian rupee, however costs in India/Nepal are way up due to inflation, like everywhere else.

How will we feed all the shelter animals and continue to rescue more? Will you help us with any amount?

We are particularly proud of receiving 103 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews on the Great Nonprofits Website.

We wish you all the blessings to be well and have success in your efforts to bring happiness and comfort to all.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation — from the Help Animals India team, our colleagues in India and Nepal, and the animals.