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Elephants, "dog meat trade," a pool party and more!

December 9, 2022

To all you lovely kind caring people worldwide, greetings!

As we start to close out 2022 we, along with you all, look forward to a better 2023 and progress on all fronts.

This year grants went out on a regular basis to all our groups (see a sweet "Inter-species" pool party at end of email). As one example here are a few highlights of recent improvements for the Blue Cross of India in Chennai thanks to your support!

Kathmandu VegFest 2022

Help Animals India is honored to support yet another vegan food festival in Nepal. Nepal is truly changing slowly offering more vegan food thereby lessening suffering to countless animals and bringing about “diet change” to reduce “climate change.”

Another case of a dog meat bust!

This time with the help of the police. They are now in the care of JBF "Just Be Friendly" Help Animals India long time grantee in Guwahati, Assam.

Dog meat is illegal but this trade is as hard to stop as the drug trade! This despicable practice is lessening now but still active in the far N.E. states of India, due to being close to China!

Lack of awareness, strong penalties and a strong workforce for enforcement are the key reasons why this practice continues clandestinely.

Learn more about past efforts here.

Help Animals India grantee "JBF" located in Guwahati, Assam: @JustBeFriendly writes:


Another deplorable case of the dog meat trade was recorded today in Numaligarh, Golaghat District, Assam.

A total number of 24 dogs rescued from meat trade and are now in our care for rescue and rehabilitation. They are traumatized and one female has even given birth to puppies while tied up! They need \ correct treatment, spaying/neuter, fostering, then they have the opportunity for community release or adoption.

The plan to help further includes 1. Community Outreach Program which includes all the fringe areas of Villages that are subject to the Dog Meat Trade. 2. Emergency Care and Boarding for the rescued dogs includes proper food, exercises, training care, treatment an surgery. 3. The rescue of all these dogs hampers our usual sterilization program but we are coping as we can. We need more money for more community outreach to make it a continuous program.

Watch a video of the rescues below:

More support for elephant rescues

Help Animals India is a major support for 4 rescued elephants (soon to be 5!) through WRRC (Wildlife Rescue and Rehabiltation Centre) and the auspices of the Forest Department of Karnataka near Bangalore.

Gowri and Janumani

In order of arrival the sweeties are Aneesha, Gowri, Durga and Janumani. Ms. Suparna Ganguly of WRRC writes:

I bring to you some happy tidings from the elephant care and rehabilitation center in Kolar, Karnataka.

Our four elephants have adjusted beautifully. Aneesha, though fragile and handicapped, plays the role of the lead matriarch, with others always in close and respectful attention. Sedate and motherly Gowri is never far away from her. Janumani - compact, rotund and playful - is Aneesha's most devoted admirer. It is only Durga who seems happiest with her own company and with some favoured humans! It seems as if she has an emotional block towards other elephants and will take longer to accept them as companions or even as members of her own species !
Much care, medications, foot soaks and supplements are being administered on a daily basis to these elephants, since years of abusive captivity have taken a critical toll on their health
This year's end would have been beautiful except for something that seems to be happening beyond control ..... the Government of India is legitimising acquisition of elephants for religious institutions and others.
As bizarre as it sounds, against all our protests it has being passed soon likely into law. In the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, no sale of elephants is permitted. However, in a convoluted manner, a pathway has been created for capture and sale of elephants including wild caught calves, which like ivory cannot be distinguished if acquired from captivity or from the wild.
On the other hand, a piece of good news! A group of young dynamic engineers, specialists in robotics and mechanical engineering, have created the most innovative mechanical elephants - hard to tell from the real to replace the captive temple elephants one day. Culture too needs to evolve and with the passage of time, more awareness and understanding of animal suffering is reaching the common public.
We hope and pray that you will continue to support the elephants and understand, as we are personally experiencing - elephants belong in the wild. Their entire biology, ecology and physiology is at one with freedom and wilderness. No amount of care in captivity can truly replicate their glorious home which are the forests and rivers of their country.

For those interested in Ms. Ganguly's recent travels in India on behalf of the elephants, listen to this 19 minute interview on the Podcast for Animal Protection.

At Karuna Society in Puttapathi

In Honor of Ramu the bull who was rescued in 2003 from transport to the slaughterhouse in Chennai together with 305 others. Ten trucks full of cattle were confiscated and the animals were handed over to Karuna Society for custody, where Ramu lived a long life free from abuse and the danger of slaughter till he passed this October. Our support is a major help for Karuna's Society herd of rescued cows/buffaloes and all types of domestic and wildlife animals (too injured to be released).

Animals Have Dreams too!

For the upcoming holiday spirit we share a very short video from our long time grantee in Dehra Doon @RahaatforAnimals - a vegan sanctuary - the new Help Animals India pool for all species!

Rahaat writes:

started as a project, supported with lot of love by @helpanimalsindia 💚, for our #pigfamily 👑 A complete overhaul of their apartment and an open lounge with #poolfacility 🌊 Then we got greedy and wanted all of our #shelteranimals to have their moment of #poolfun too 🤗 There was whole lot of brainstorming to design a pool that would safely accommodate, among others, our #rescuebuffaloes too 🐃 and one that we'd be able to clean and maintain. The drawing for the pool by @dr.uttam_kahlon took care of most of our requirements and the final outcome, we think, is pretty cool 🌼 So, yes, #animalshavedreamstoo and our dream is to make theirs come true 🐾
Thank you @helpanimalsindia 🥰 for your #commitmenttoanimals 💚 & #compassionwithoutborders 🤝

The U.S. dollar is at its highest value against the Indian rupee, however costs in India/Nepal are way up due to inflation, like everywhere else.

How will we feed all the shelter animals and continue to rescue more? Will you help us with any amount?

We are particularly proud of receiving 103 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews on the Great Nonprofits Website.

We wish you all the blessings to be well and have success in your efforts to bring happiness and comfort to all.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation — from the Help Animals India team, our colleagues in India and Nepal, and the animals.