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Vegan festival, a new home for elephants, and more!

August 10, 2022

Greetings to all of you caring people worldwide!

Exciting News! Help Animals India will be a participant and a speaker at the upcoming Himalayan Vegan Festival in Nepal. Scheduled for mid-September, the festival will be the biggest plant-based event ever in the Himalayas! Free to the public, the organizers aim to change diets through education for all!

Elephants on the move! Aneesha, Gowri and Durga — the three, dear rescue elephants currently residing at the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, or WRRC, near Bangalore — will soon be moving to an even better location: a wild expanse of reserve forest which will serve as the first ever Elephant Care Facility in the State of Karnataka. This collaborative partnership between WRRC and the Karnataka Forest Dept. will eventually be a safe haven for even more elephants who have endured decades of abuse and maltreatment. It will be such a blessing for these great, awesome animals to find the lasting security they so deserve. Speaking of which...

We have a $20,000 matching fund to help fund the new center and pay for more legal work, activism — and elephants! — to come. Will you help with any amount?

We are delighted to show you this National Geographic video which profiles Aneesha and Gowri, their incredible bonding, their daily lives, and the tender, loving care they were receiving at the WRRC near Bangalore when the video was shot last year.

Disaster relief! Monsoon rains have been severe the year, with record-breaking flooding in many areas. It's been such a challenge for our partners. We are ever grateful to our recurring monthly donors. Your regular, dependable support provides some breathing room in these disaster situations, which come all too often.

In one such case, an emergency grant was gin by us to help with the floods through our partner, the RESQ Charitable Trust. RESQ was so concerned about the animal shelter of the Pyaar Foundation, which has been doing such good work in Maharashtra, that it reached out to us for help. As a result, the Pyaar Foundation was able to rescue hundreds of cows, dogs and cats from their completely flooded shelter and move them all to higher ground. In the midst of this chaos, the Foundation also rescued many other community animals, despite overwhelming difficulties. Help Animals India provided emergency food for all of the animals while Pyaar was rebuilding.

They wrote:

We could just save Animals we have and even my tears were unseen in the rain as we were just left with nothing! The flood took away everything and all animals are shifted until we can rebuild.

Cows sheltering from the flooded shelter until it can be rebuilt.

Introducing PRAYAS: Team Environment. Located in Surat, Gujarat, the mission of our new grantee, PRAYAS: Team Environment, is "to strive in a united team endeavor for conservation of nature and protection of the environment through education and direct action." In 16 years of service, Prayas has helped 185,815 rescue cases, transplanted over 10,000 trees, provided humane education to 250,000 people, and provided community water buckets helping thousands of birds across the state. Prayas is truly an organization that lives up to its mission!

Prayas staff and volunteers in front of construction for new shelter.

Dogs and more dogs... As we all know, there are many tens of millions of stray/community dogs in India and Nepal. Here are some recent success stories from our grantees:

At Karuna Society in Puttaparthi almost all the dogs are cared for by the community. Here, a boy brings in his street dog for treatment. There is no longer an overcrowded shelter here, because all the community dogs are now cared for on the street, which is ideal.

Learn more about India's community dogs here.

At Sneha's Care in Nepal and our other Nepal grantees, all of these dogs — many thousands of them — are being spay/neutered by the community!

Way down in South India in a Tibetan refugee community, it is a different story. Compassionate people started rescuing dogs from the streets but they had little medical training . Now many of the dogs are starving at this poorly run shelter. Our volunteer stepped in to provide food for now, but the situation remains difficult. Money is needed to continue feeding the dogs as well as for animal birth control!

A great activist has died! Amit Deol "the camel man of India" was the guiding force behind PFA (People for Animals) Sirohi, Rajasthan. We want to step in one again and help all the camels he saved , 110 camels will be moved to a new land under the auspices of Smt. Maneka Gandhi. Please help in his honor and if you can!

Read more about the tragic death of two activists here.

The U.S. dollar is at its highest value against the Indian rupee, however costs in India/Nepal are way up due to inflation, like everywhere else. How will we feed all the shelter animals and continue to rescue more? Will you help us with any amount!

We are particularly proud of receiving 103 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews on the Great Nonprofits Website.

With deepest gratitude and appreciation — from the Help Animals India team, our colleagues in India and Nepal, and the animals.