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Summer update, mostly good news! Cows/dogs/cats/elephants and more!

June 11, 2022

Greetings to all of you caring people worldwide!

The world's troubles may seem endless, but compassion never takes a holiday - so here is an update of selected news of some of supported projects. While we receive distressing photos daily of animal rescues and difficult situations, however as always, we want to share the more uplifting news with you all.

India and also Nepal "summer" started so early with unprecedented heat breaking all records including reports of birds falling from the sky! Volunteers were busy putting out water bowls before the monsoon comes as community animals were suffering from dehydration, at Varanasi for Animals 50 water bowls were distributed and actively used for all types of street animals. Varanasi for Animals also helps average of 200 dogs a month with spay/neuter/vaccinations and countless rescues are done too!

From Aurangabad for Animals - our mobile operating theatre for onboard rescue and spay/neuter vehicle brings help to community dogs. LIke many of our supported NGO's they also have a water bowl project too!

This lovely man is so happy to have an option to get a better future by bringing in his beloved dog for spay/neuter/vaccination.

Now up to Nepal where grantee Magic Marble Foundation writes they are nearing almost 1000 sterilizations . Unfortunately many dogs are being found with pyometra, resulting from human birth control being given to dogs. This is due to the desperation of animal lovers hoping to do something about the massive homeless animal problem in Nepal. We are trying to address this through animal birth control, and we are also launching public education initiatives to empower the community and help prevent needless suffering.

Here are some of the dogs getting ready for spay/neuter, Kathmandu has about 35,000 street dogs and we aim to help as many as possible!

Here they are being released back to their community caretakers after spay/neuter using the ambulance Help Animals India funded: health checked and vaccinated too!

In Far West Nepal the first animal birth control in the area at Soltis' Hope Street Animal Rescue through Magic Marble Foundation was started after huge obstalces of staffing and lack of vets.

Solti's writes:

Help Animals India has been a dream come true for us. As a fairly new and struggling organization in rural Far Western Nepal, with no veterinarian clinics or hospitals, Help Animals India saw our situation, had faith and trust in our dedication and granted is with the very first permanent Animal Birth Control clinic located in our shelter ! The impact this will have in our rural region is immense, not only are we able to do sterilization, but perform routine operations that in the past would have had to travel 800km for. Their help has been truly life changing for the forgotten animals of rural Nepal.

Individuals are helping too! This photo is from Boudhanath in Nepal , the holy city where Sonam Yangzom is helping as she "just can't ignore the "babies" . If she can't get a taxi she does her best to take the dogs one by one by whatever means she can for spay/neuter/health care.

More Hands-on Animal Birth Control Surgical Training. Many animal welfare groups in India/Nepal need further vet training to learn the safest and most effective spay/neuter surgery techniques. Help Animals India has helped sponsor these and here is the latest one.

Transforming the lives of dogs in some of the remotest parts of India. - a month long training for 8 veterinarians and vet assistant through PAWS Murbad (hours east of Mumbai)!

A few of the vets: Dr Amol D Sarode, Dr Ankur, Dr Pritam Subhash Bhoir, Dr Madale Dhananjay Shesharao.

We aim to help people who love cats but through lack of options wind up like this photo above, note the sad furniture! But yes they are all "fixed" now!

Help to cats goes on year round from grants for spay/neuter at Catmandu Lovers in Nepal, to over 50 cats this year so far at Rahaat for Animals (DehraDoon), to our main cat project in Bangalore at CUPA.

And the projects aims to bring peace between cat lovers and cat haters and will lessen the numbers of "free lancing" cats in the teeming projects with humane spay/neuter.

Down in South India - Help Animals India aims to support Karuna Society with a major grant so they can feed their 1. hundreds of resident cows 2. "wild" cows that leave in nearby meadow

The dollar is at its highest amount agains the Indian Rupee however costs in India/Nepal are way up due to inflation like everywhere else. How will we feed all the shelter animals? Will you help us with any amount!

Founder of Karuna Society, Ms. Clementien Pauws Koenegras, wrote this heartfelt, insightful, important and moving article about cows: Waking Up From Domestication – "Remembering Who They Are"

Karuna has rescued cows and buffalo since 2002. All cows, bulls, buffaloes, donkeys, horses and a camel that have come to Karuna have a right to life and will be protected and looked after for the rest of their lives. They are not isolated or tied up, they are free to live in the herd and go out grazing in the forest. Cows and buffaloes are free from milk production for profit and most of them are sterilized or castrated.

We are particulary proud of receiving 96 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews on the Great Nonprofits Website and here are a few highlights.

From Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Chairperson People for Animals, the largest animal welfare group in India. She writes:

We have over 26 hospitals across the country and 200 units who rescue thousands of animals daily. Much of our work has been successful because of the regular and intelligent donations made by Eileen Weintraub , Help Animal India. She is dedicated, reaches out to the farthest areas of the country and sees that they are serviced in many ways. She takes on good animal welfare organisations that need one component to become better and she provides that. From the only animal ambulance in Sikkim to ambulances in the Himayalan mountains of Uttar Dinajpur and Kalimpong to Kollam in Kerala , she has given dozens of ambulances, helped the training of volunteers, paid for rooms to be added to shelters and laboratories to be made. When a tiny area is collapsing under the weight of dog litters , she sends money to sterilize the dogs as she did for the railway tracks of Kolkata. We know we can depend on her team and her donors for their resourcefulness and generosity to help save thousands of lives in India. Help Animals India is the single largest donor to India and she has helped set up facilities which we could never have afforded if it had not been for Help Animals India. God bless them!

From N.E. India in Assam "Just Be Friendly"

Down the memory lane, it's been a decade with Help Animals India (HAI), JBF (Just Be Friendly) has been in working in association with. HAI (Help Animals India), compassion and devotion for helping the voiceless creature of India is very unconditional and they speak up for the voiceless. They build a network to connect animals and humans, to create a space of dealing, loving, caring and living with each other for benefits of the living world. The world is not only abode of humans, but animals too. We are all knotted to one thread line.

JBF is associated with HAI and their collaboration and support is an aid to animals and the prosperity of the welfare and to mankind. HAI has a major role in helping & erecting the JBF's dream project JIRAW (JBF Integrated Care & Resource Centre for Animal Welfare). This is just the beginning and part of construction works right from Kennels that can accommodate more than 200 animals at a time to OT complex of 900 sq ft. have been completed and that has been functional now. Besides with the assistance of invaluable "Suzi's Wheels" an animal ambulance, it has been of great help to the organization in accomplishing its goals and objectives towards the welfare of animals. HAI spread helps in the time of natural disaster like flood and the crucial time JBF passes through. HAI support to stand against Dog Meat Trade has no words to express. Our heart-felt gratitude to HAI, for their support and cooperation throughout the journey of JBF and also supporting JBF to organize ABC surgical training program inaugurating the new OT complex, always had been there as a backbone. We salute Help Animals India, efforts for over all India animals and JBF.

Richa Hingle, aka Vegan Richa has a new book just released! Vegan Richa's Instant Pot Cookbook can be bought online. It is half Indian book and half other cuisines cookbook, exploring new and creative ways to use your Instant pot.

Richa's books and blog have been supporting Help Animals India for 7 years.

With 150 recipes from a range of global cuisines, this cookbook has everything from breakfasts to desserts to Richa's favorite regional Indian dishes. Inside you'll find Crunch Wraps, Peanut noodles and Bolognese, inventive use of the pot to make recipes like chickpea tofu. You will also find Indian comfort foods like Palak Tofu, Malai Kofta, Keema and regional favorites like Dhansak, Vial, and Mango Chutney, and will also learn new techniques like pot in pot to make several dishes at the same time. Learn more and sign up to get fabulous recipes here that come to your inbox, so inspiring.

Heartfelt greetings and sincere thanks from rescued sweeties and besties (L to R Aneesha, Gowri and Durga) at the WRRC Centre near Bangalore. Stay tuned for more wonderful elephant news coming soon!

With deepest gratitude and appreciation — from the Help Animals India team, our colleagues in India and Nepal, and the animals.