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Holiday and New Year greetings worldwide!

December 28, 2021

Holiday and New Year greetings to you all!

We are all worried how our beneficiaries/rescuers and people who love, care and serve the animals are getting through these current times. It all comes back to our friends and supporters! We are grateful to those who are on social media, sharing our posts and sharing postive comments. We are grateful to those who read and share our emails or send an encouraging note.

A few recent highlights

24 dogs rescued from brutal dog meat trade and rehabilitated at Help Animals India grantee "Just Be Friendly" (JBF)! The dog meat trade continues in pockets of N.E. India. Even though it is illegal, it is as hard to stop as the drug trade. However, our grants help support their rescue and rehabilitation as they can.

Disaster relief, unseasonable flooding affecting many of our beneficiaries, such as this photo from Karuna Society that cares for hundreds of shelter animals include rescued wildlife of all types. This makes it difficult for shelters to keep animals dry, prevent deaths of street animals due to wet/cold and adding misery to pandemic conditions.

Nandu asks: What is my fault? At Help Animals India's grantee CUPA large animal sanctuary "Nandu" was born a month back to a beautiful Jersey mother. Nandu's happiness was cut short when he was separated from his mother barely 10 days after his birth and tied to a pole to prevent him from drinking his mother's milk (however, the Mom keeps giving prolific milk unaware that the milk is not for her baby - this is an all too common practice for rural farmers.)

As days passed his hopes to be with his mother started diminishing day by day, until one not-so-fine day, he was sent for sale. But he was thankfully rescued but so attached he was to his mother that he didn't want to eat or drink for many days!

The answer to Nandu's question is he is a male calf... a male calf is either sold before they are even a month old or thrown out onto the roads to fend for themselves. The horror they suffer either way is indescribable.

Nandu at present is enjoying company of his friend Brahma and is happy.

Here is to "cat ladies" like this Tibetan "Amma" in DehraDoon (and men) everywhere. Its not an easy life opening up your heart to stray kitties caring for them and rescuing them too! Help Animals India is committed to funding projects in India and Nepal to help with TNR (trap/neuter/release) so that more cats will be wanted in their neighborhoods and no more unwanted kittens will be born.

Your generous donations support Help Animals India to fund many spay/neuter projects in India and Nepal. This photo is from Kathmandu open garbage dumps where animals of all types forage for their food and so many puppies are born just to suffer! A major effort to spay and neuter them has begun with our support through Kathmandu Locals.

Another new vehicle! What an impact this vehicle makes while in the city of Aurangabad (Maharashtra state) or going to work in the nearby rural villages. This is a rescue vehicle but also is a mobile spay/neuter camp!

Read our 2021 year-end letter

Every year we share an update on our recent activities with our donors via postal mail, and we're pleased to share this letter with our website visitors and email readers.

For all of you who care so very much and are diligently working in your own causes. We appreciate you all!

All we've accomplished in 2021 bodes well for the new year. I hope you'll continue to learn about the plight of street animals in India/Nepal and ways to help them, and you will invite others to join us in our worldwide circle of kindness and compassion.

With love and deepest appreciation from the Help Animals India team, all of the animals, and our colleagues in India and Nepal who serve them. We wish you all the blessings to be well and have success in your efforts to bring happiness and comfort to all.