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Elephants/dogs/cats and more, receive more help!

November 15, 2021

Aneesha, Gowri and Durga

Dear friend of India/Nepal's animals,

Thank you to all your caring support! Through your generosity Help Animals India was able to fund another elephant rescue at WRRC in Bangalore!

It had been a long wait but the outcome so valuable! Durga Parvathy, 22-year-old Asian Elephant, had lived two decades in a cloistered shed in the middle of the city's busiest traffic area. She had never been left free of chains and had managed to pass two decades without having access to grass, dust, mud, rain and everything important and natural in an elephant's life.

Durga had forgotten what it was to be an elephant...she was scared, disoriented and distraught when she first came...but with the current rescued residents Gowri and Aneesha's patience in reaching out to her and helping to soothe her fears, Durga is now an important part of the trio! The dynamics are a delight to watch...she has started to eat, walk and graze with the seniors and also making shy overtures, wanting to be their friend!

Her pads are in bad condition living for decades on concrete floor which was often wet with urine. She loves chattering and squeaking to humans as you can see in this video just after rescue and is very tolerant of foot care.

Please help us support these three rescued sweeties!

More elephant rescues are in the offing! Please learn more about India’s captive elephants here!

More animal birth control: this is appalling! In dense and impoverished areas of Kolkata the land is so scarce that people and animals spill out on the train tracks. We are reducing the stray dog population with grants for spay/neuter/vaccinations at People for Animals Kolkata.

Sadly, the train tracks all over India are unfenced and animals and people frequently meet with accidents as well as elephants, dogs, cows. Preventive steps such as sterilization in such areas are critical.

In Sarnath, the Buddhist holy village north of Varanasi, at our 8th animal welfare camp for ABC (animal birth control) just completed. Here is one the sweet community pups now safe and well cared and all grown up (see the ear notch he proudly shows as a "graduate" of the spay/neuter/vaccination program). This is how society works well, please support our efforts!

This camp is run by Varanasi for Animals and supported by Fondation Brigitte Bardot. In addition we run education camps for children small and older to learn humane awareness, kindness to animals and dog bite prevention. Covering 5 government schools with 500 students and 50 teachers. Additionally reached another 300 children and 200 Adults and spay/neutered/vaccinated more than 300 dogs!

More ambulances on their way for more animal rescues and transport for humane animal birth control too, the billboard on the vehicle says: "Animals around us are ours to care for."

Remember - Effective altrustic animal activism is about supporting the groups that help the animals on a daily basis. Change must come from the bottom up as communities change and the local groups that we give grants to are doing just that - changing their communities for the better.

And here (above left) is this multi-use beauty from "Aurangabad for Animals" in Maharashtra state which is also a mobile clinic!

Our donor funded this ambulance (above right) for PFA (People for Animals) Kollam (in Kerala) and she asked us to name it in honor of Hachikō (he was a Japanese dog famously remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his guardian).

A lifelong dream from our Founder is being realized, real help for India's cats! At our supported project at CUPA in Bangalore 80-90 cats are being sterilized each month in the teeming projects in the mega city. Below in Varanasi, Gaurda is bringing in her beloved kitty Choto for sterilization, there were no affordable options for this in that ancient city before our project at Varanasi for Animals.

Here is one of the rescued from slaughter goats with her best pal, Rahaat for Animals Dehra Dun dedicated veterinarian. She lives with the other formerly abused animals of all types at this Help Animals India supported vegan sanctuary.

Here is a special project at a wonderful sanctuary to protect senior dogs who are abandoned in old age not to be thrown into the street.

Weather challenges! Heavy rainfall has recently threatened much of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and making animal rescue difficult and life just more miserable. Help us strengthen our ability to make grants when disasters strike!

A man carries a puppy as he wades through a flooded street after a heavy rain shower in Chennai. Credit: AFP Photo

Here is one of the rescued sweeties at our grantee - CUPA Large Animal Sanctuary! Wondering why there are cows/bulls on India's streets? Learn more here.

Please be sure to remember us if you are participating in Giving Tuesday (when the world comes together to give) on 30 November 2021!

With love and deepest appreciation from the Help Animals India team, all of the animals, and our colleagues in India and Nepal who serve them. We wish you all the blessings to be well and have success in your efforts to bring happiness and comfort to all.