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Why support to India's animals is needed now

December 17, 2020

Dear Friends of India/Nepal animals:

We are so grateful to you all for reading this in 2020. The good news is no secret that we will soon have 2021 and certainly a much better year!

In 2020 your donations have allowed us to give lifesaving grants to the following well vetted and well deserved groups in India and Nepal. This includes:


  • APOWA - Odisha (disaster relief and emergency feeding)
  • Animal People Alliance - Kolkata
  • Animal Peers - Aurangabad
  • Animal volunteers of India (online service)
  • Blue Cross of India (street animal feeding and pig shelter)
  • Chhaya - Kolkata (cyclone rebuilding)
  • CUPA - Bangalore (for cats)
  • WRRC - Bangalore (for elephants and wildlife )
  • Humane Animal Society - Coimbatore
  • Karuna Society - Puttapathi
  • JBF (Just Be Friendly) - Assam (disaster relief)
  • MAITRI in hard-hit Bodhgaya, Bihar
  • Parasparam Trust (Cattitude) - Madurai and Chennai
  • Pariah Dog - Kolkata (film rescuers)
  • Rahaat for Animals -Dehra Doon
  • the People for Animals: PFA Agra (shelter large animal feeding), PFA Amritsar, PFA Bareilly, PFA Chennai, PFA Delhi, PFA Nagaland (more progress against the dog meat trade), PFA Kollam, PFA Kolkata (cyclone rebuilding), PFA Bhubaneswar/Dhyan Foundation (buffalo and cow rescues), the new PFAs at Sikkim and Durg, PFA Uttarakhand (equines and cats), PFA Trivandrum (street animal feeding)
  • Prayas - Surat
  • Tibetan Volunteers for Animals - Bylakuppe
  • Thane SPCA (emergency animal rescues)
  • Varanasi for Animals/Sarnath Animal Welfare (dog rescue and animal birth control)


  • FAWN (Federation of Animal Welfare Network Nepal) and Sneha's Care/Nepal (emergency cow rescue and feeding)
  • Project Humane Nepal (rabies project)
  • Animal Nepal (donkey rescue and dog animal birth control)
  • Shree's Animal Rescue Nepal (dog rescue)
  • Catmandu Lovers

More troubles

Aside from pandemenic and "ordinary" difficulties, now Indian nonprofit groups are being squeezed by the Indian government to conform to more strident measures to receive foreign funds, e.g., those from USA!

In response to increasingly restrictive laws, foreign governments and foundations have reduced their funding for nonprofit operations in India by 40% since 2014. Due to more strident demands, in 2019 Global Giving was banned from directly funding India groups and in Fall 2020 Amnesty International pulled out of funding India.

However right now and for the foreseeable long term future Help Animals India is able to get your donations to the groups that need them the most to feed, shelter, rescue, spay/neuter/vaccinate more animals.

We will not give up! We are working on new bank details that the groups are scrambling to give us. The animals cannot suffer!

As you know the dollar and euro are still strong against the Rupee so your year end donation will continue to go very far.

Note: For USA donations donors who can benefit us further, please use the new 2020 Federal CARES Act that allows an extra $300 in above-the-line tax deductions.

In social justice movements animal rights is called "the longest struggle" — another step in the recognition of the rights of all beings to be free from all kinds of exploitation – including their bodies being misused and desired for others to eat!

Each and every donation, each kind thought of aspiration helps lift the world towards kindness for all beings. We can't thank you all enough!

With love and deepest appreciation from the Help Animals India team, all of the animals, and our colleagues in India and Nepal who serve them. We wish you a much better 2021 and success in your own worthy activities to bring happiness to all!