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Great news and more challenges, please read!

July 13, 2020

Great News: July 2020 - Dog Meat is now officially banned in Nagaland! We joined the email campaign requested by Smt. Maneka Gandhi of People for Animals - 125,000 emails were sent in 3 days! Result - Government Officials have agreed to a ban!

Read more of the moving account of an activist here.

Now care for the dogs saved from slaughter needs to be done and money needs to be raised to re home them now that they are off the killing fields! Please designate any contribution for "Nagaland dogs" - we are coordinating with People for Animals, Delhi in this project.

Animal rights is called "the longest struggle" but this is another step in the recognition of the rights of all beings to be free from all kinds of exploitation - including their bodies being desired for others to eat!

Lockdown struggles continue

Help Animals India partners are feeding street animals as they can as their usual sources of food restaurants/shops are closed . Some places are opening slowly, however, in some states a total lockdown continues! Even Bangalore is in lockdown again! It is all extremely difficult to continue the programs such as below feeding programs at our grantee Blue Cross of India.

They are wondering why the humans are disappearing again!

Elsewhere there are slow starts for the crucial animal birth control (spay/neuter/rabies vaccinations) programs of street dogs/cats starting up again.

At our Varanasi for Animals Project we are doing 10 dog spay/neuters a day.

Help for cats

At CUPA (Bangalore) and PFA Uttarakhand we are sponsoring cat spay/neuters. See a short video of the beautiful new cat shelter at PFA Uttarakhand here.

Cyclone Amphan

We are very grateful to all the donors who helped in the May 2020 devastating and shocking cyclone Amphan. Donations were used for rescue and rebuilding in Bhubaneswar, Odisha (APOWA ) and in Kolkata for 4 grantees:

  1. Animal Aid Alliance
  2. "Pariah dog" rescuers
  3. PFA Ashari Kolkata
  4. Chhaya animal shelter

Chhaya shelter helps many equines and other large animals. Here is Shivaji whose limb was broken in a local horse racing event - he was rescued & fitted with a prosthetic limb and now has sanctuary for life!

At APOWA in Odisha more help is being given to abandoned horses/camels who are out of work due to no tourism, supplemental food will be provided from donations received!

Horse rescue

One of many abandoned to the streets, this mare was pregnant but thankfully rescued by our beneficiary Team "Prayas" who writes:

"Prayas" stands for "an honest effort. We couldn't imagine the plight of this mother who was just waiting for a safe place to deliver the baby. The newly arrived "Prayas" is beautiful little bundle of joy wearing white socks and tender hoofs and ever ready to trot around his mother always. We are so happy and thankful to all the support by Help Animals India in enabling us to help and respect motherhood.

Nepal projects

We are pleased to joined a major effort for rabies vaccinations for community dogs. Without rabies vaccinations street dogs (and humans!) are at risk. The grant is to for good folks at Humane Project Nepal towards vaccinating over 6,000 street dogs.

It is heartwarming to see most of the communities taking good care of the street dogs around them. The dogs tend to be friendly, and the community members themselves have been helping locate the dogs for vaccination. This lady helped vaccinate 15+ dogs whom she feeds daily, in her locality. It is also because of Project Humane Nepal hard work for so many years educating people on how to help their community dogs!

It's really the community's attitude/behavior towards them that makes a huge difference. Sadly, there are also localities where the dogs are terrified and won't let anyone near them due to abuse. In such areas, Project Humane Nepal with Sneha's Care have had to use nets to capture/handle the dogs.

Meanwhile in Nepal a dedicated rescuer is losing her rented place for abandoned former pet dogs. We are contributing to that so she can safely rehome and take care of 250 dogs, many disabled, as otherwise they are all risk at becoming homeless!

Please designate any contribution to "Shree's Animal Rescue Nepal" if you can help!

You can also sign the petition here.

Success story

We have been helping Rahaat for Animals sanctuary in Dehra Dun since 2012, making a sweet place for rescued animals and visitors to adopt them.

Raahat (peace and comfort) was started precisely with the objective of providing peace and comfort to all animals in distress. Rahaat works to improve the lives of animals in the community and beyond. All the programmes are driven by the belief in the intrinsic dignity and sanctity of animal life. This helps adoptions and is a win/win for all.

They promote veganism too! Thank you donors!

Sad stories helped with donor support

As tensions due to COVID mount anger and frustration are often taken out on the animals.

This monkey had kerosene oil poured on him. He sat on a high ledge unable to move. He has been rescued by our grantee PFA Bareilly.

Many monkeys are victims of live electric high tension wires, here is sweet Jyoiti, with a spinal cord injury. She needs to be fed with syringe. There is no place for her to go but Varanasi for Animals is taking care of her the best we can. Since she can never be released we hope to build a suitable place for long time care.

Last but not least we are honored that Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Indian politician, foremost animal rights advocate and head of the many dozen chapters of India's "People for Animals" wrote an article about Help Animals India "founder/director" Eileen Weintraub.

This article was published in multiple Indian newspapers , we hope it influenced many to care about animals. It was even published in Nagaland, home of the recent postive ruling against dog meat trade! Here is a version that a USA activist published.

Let beauty prevail no matter what our obstacles - let us keep as positive as we can! This peacock had to have his foot amputated but he is showing his spirit nevertheless at our grantee WRRC wildlife sanctuary in South India.

Your donation will save lives! One USD = over 75 Indian rupees !

With love and deepest appreciation and gratitude from the Help Animals India team, all of the animals, and our colleagues in India and Nepal who serve them. We wish you success in your own worthy activities to bring happiness to all!

Thank you so much and please take care!