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India lockdown - our help continues!

May 19, 2020

Dear Friend of India's animals:

We hope wherever you are worldwide you are healthy and able to fulfill your hopes with no fears.

Our last email was right after India's March 24 sudden and shocking 4 hours notice lockdown. Now the lockdown is extended until May 30. However, there will be some lifting in the "green" and "orange" zones. It is much scarier scenario as most of our partner NGO's are located mostly in what are called "the red zones," this includes all major cities and also our project in Varanasi.

What true heroic stories we have been getting from all over India!

News reports daily of dedicated animal activists going out to feed and rescue animals while the rest of the public "shelters in place".

Who can ignore their animal children who are hungry and suffering without understanding how their world has changed, where are the people who cared for them previously?

Some of the saddest stories are of abandoned horses and donkeys. Their "owners" who are poor people themselves who suddenly had no income due to no beach or joy rides or ability to use them for pack trekking or "employ" them for the mines.

Help Animals India has supplied grants to help feed the starving horses of Chennai; the abandoned horses two hours north of Mumbai through our grantee at SPCA Thane; the forsaken joy ride horses helped by PFA Kolkata and the wedding horses of Bangalore fed by CUPA.

Additionally 10 donkeys have been permanently rescued through our new partner PFA Uttarakhand and will have lifetime residency and this new wonderful no-tie shelter!

Now they have lifetime care and sanctuary at PFA (People for Animals) Uttarakhand.

Other abandoned donkeys still need help, care and feeding, at least there is less traffic on the roads now!

PFA Uttarakhand is run by Ms. Gauri Maulehki, supreme animal advocate both on the ground and in the courts.

"Hundreds if not thousands of companion animals have been added to the streets of Delhi, looking totally betrayed by their owners, because of some ridiculous rumors that are going around," says Gauri Maulekhi, an animal rights activist who oversees more than 1,000 animal feeders.

Tragically the abandoned dogs are often tied to street poles so they cannot follow their owners home. (Supplied: Gauri Maulekhi)

A recent awful report was of a street dog bludgeoned to death by cruel people due to covid false rumors. Everyone is stressed but the puppies were rescued by Varanasi for Animals and are being raised up. May the Mom dog rest in peace at least knowing her little ones are being loved and cared for now. View the short non-graphic video here.

Your donations have been going toward feeding done at crack of dawn as it is often the only time some volunteers are allowed to be out on the street! Help Animals India grantees are providing food for street animals in as many places when the donations come in to allow us too!

On the street in Sarnath:

At the shelters:

Let nature prevail! A small micro-organism has changed the world, deserted streets everywhere is the order of the day during locked down. It brought an unexpected visitor .Even the animal kingdom is surprised at the sudden change in the environment. They are thinking what has happened to the homo sapiens? This Langur has come to check out our ambulance at Varanasi for Animals!

Surely you have seen the positive effects worldwide of the lack of humans in our environment, watch this fun video of "wildlife" reclaiming their habitat.

And here is a special treat, Mom Tiger and her cubs, drinking and nursing - these majestic beings only want to be left alone but at least now they are hunted only by cameras. Watch till the end to hear the peacocks and the "roar". (Video is received courtesy of our social media master Subru of "Paper Cup Media")

As the lockdown lifts Help Animals India continues to fund the all important spay/neuter/rabies programs for both dogs and cats. Our mission includes street animal rescue along with education to promote a plant based diet. Our partner charities are not going away and remain even more committed to helping save animals - please see a list of them here.

These sweet children from a poor family came to Rahaat for Animals (Dehra Doon) with 4 pups rescued from a drain, they are committed to raising them and received treatment/medicines.

Your donation will save lives! One USD = over 75 Indian rupees (an all time high)!

With love and deepest appreciation from Eileen Weintraub and the Help Animals India team, all of the animals, and our colleagues in India and Nepal who serve them. We wish you success in your own worthy activities to bring happiness to all!

Thank you so much for caring and please take care!