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The silver lining and updates!

March 17, 2020

Hello friends, supporters and nice people interested in India/Nepal’s animals! We hope you will all keep good health in these challenging times!

This International Women’s Day we remind others that females of all species should have rights. Help those that cannot help themselves.

Until all females on this earth are set free from exploitation, we must keep working to make a better life for our fellow female-hood. We did this poignant short video about the human abuse of females in the animal kingdom.

Great news: A new website for all those in India who want to volunteer to help animals.

Find a volunteer, become a volunteer! Help Animals India gets daily inquiries from all over India and we can now add this website to our list of resources.

It’s so gratifying that more and more people are becoming volunteers and putting their love for animals into practice!

One Lucky Pup!

Here is Help Animals India philosophy about bringing dogs/cats from India to USA: We would love every animal to have a great home; we try to do this by strengthening the NGOs and educating people in India to be caretakers for their community dogs/cats so they will have a better future. Furthermore, India is really far away and so many animals closer to the US (in USA and South of us and the Caribbean, too) desperately need homes. However, when a dedicated volunteer just cannot leave that lonesome pup or dog to fend for themselves and is paying for all the transport costs, we will assist as we can. This particular dog was in Varanasi where there are no international flights; it is a 15-hour drive to Delhi, so it’s not very easy to bring a dog back to the US.

But Charissa simply couldn’t leave this pup found on the Assi ghat. Here she is, minutes after she found her. And, of course, she named her Assi. All alone in the world, this puppy ran to Charissa and begged to be picked up right away. It was love at first sight!

Darling Assi was too young to fly (animals need to be a certain age to fly). So Varanasi for Animals found a safe and wonderful foster home for Assi, to keep her until she was old enough to fly, giving her medical care for months until Charissa could come back.

Charissa went back to Varanasi from Seattle to get her just recently. Thankfully, the ban on visitors to India (currently happening now) had not gone into effect yet. Here is Assi as she arrives in Seattle airport. She will surely have a golden future.

Assi and family member today:

This is just one dog who needed help, but there are countless others. Won’t you help the many dogs Varanasi for Animals, a Help Animals India project, rescues every day? Of course, the most important project is ABC (animal birth control) and we help hundreds of dogs each month and each day. We save lives from rabies, prevent unwanted puppies on the street, and give the local people a break from so many dogs in their community. The fewer dogs on the street, the more people will learn to love the dogs they can adopt. Please help if you can! More photos of this story of Assi here.

A mother survives!

Even though she was burnt by abusers, she was rescued and treated (for maggots, as well). In this terrible condition, she gave birth and is safe for life now at our grantee People for Animals, Bareilly. Although we can’t help all cows in India, this poignant scene reminds us all of how much we CAN help. Please help us in remote places that are unknown to the west; the animals in these locations need the most help.

Help for all animals!

This year we were once again able to give a major grant to Blue Cross of India for pigs. They are one of the few shelters that have a separate space for pigs, including a wallowing pond. See Emperor of Blandings (from PG Wodehouse); others are Minnie and Ramba and Lakshmi and, of course one is Porky!

To the furthest reaches of N.E. India we will go.

We are once again pleased to support the Animal Birth Control/anti-rabies project in remote Mounglang Monastery, popularly known as Bhante Baba temple at Ledo, Assam close to Nagaland and China! With so many dogs and no access to any vets, we are again sending our dedicated partner JBF - Just Be Friendly from the far city of Guwahati (also in Assam). The team will travel by train on a very long journey to accomplish this life-saving work.

If you didn’t see the Silver Lining re: the COV-ID 19 virus, check out this link. Both China and now Vietnam have now banned wildlife markets! This has been attempted in the past; let’s hope now there is more success.

Leave the wildlife alone and stop eating all animals!

Eating Animals Will Be the Death of Us

It is time to finally make the connection between animal agriculture and environmental destruction, antibiotic resistance and disease outbreak.

Many other projects continue only with your kind assistance and support. It is only individual donations from people like you that sustain them for all animals.

We are presented with many choices for giving and truly we rejoice in however and wherever you can skillfully help. Here, through Help Animals India, we endeavor to help the most vulnerable and increase everyone's powerful commitment through each and every donation made.

Help Animals India will pledge to you: your donations will make a difference. We promise. Your donation WILL change lives. One USD = 73 Indian rupees or 118 Nepal rupees - wow!

With love and deepest appreciation from Eileen Weintraub and the Help Animals India team, all of the animals, and our colleagues in India and Nepal who serve them. We wish you success in your own worthy activities to bring happiness to all!