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Helping "farmed" animals, CAB, donkeys, cats, dogs and an award!

February 3, 2020

Dear Friends of India's animals:

Thank you all worldwide for giving our hearts inspiration with your determination to relieve suffering wherever and however you can.

We are presented with many choices for giving and truly we rejoice in however and wherever you can skillfully help.

Here through Help Animals India we endeavor to help the most vulnerable and increase everyone's powerful committment through each and every donation made

We are particularly gratified when our partner charities get acknowledged as PFA Chennai did recently with an award from The Better India website!

Dr. Shiranee of PFA Chennai is number 8 as per this listing of "10 Incredible Heroes Fighting the Good Fight" on The Better India website, having saved many thousands of animals and now with 800 animals in sanctuary care for life!

Speaking of donkeys, Help Animals India is pleased to once again send a major grant to support the "rescued from the brick trade" donkeys at Animal Nepal. These sweeties spend a lifetime in servitude and then are often turned out.

The 20 donkeys are no longer made to work like this (above) but are now in lifetime sanctuary and care.

Helping Farmed Animals

Help Animals India is fundraising to support spreading the vegan message in India to lessen the suffering for our farmed animal friends. We have proposals from 4 of our groups (Prayas, Rahaat for Animals, Varanasi for Animals, RESQ), please contact us if interested in directly helping spread the message and further information on any of their proposals.

The NGO's in India are multi purposed they support the idea and facilitate a plant-based diet as much as they can as well being extremely busy with rescue and sanctuary . If you promote a vegan diet and you are sensitive to animal suffering and you live in India it is difficult to ignore the street animals so one gets involved in animal rescue for farmed animals, wildlife and companion animals.

For now we will continue to do effective animal advocacy by involving and influencing the community. Help Animals India supports ,encourages, improves and advises the groups on the ground in India/Nepal to build a future that includes all animals.

  1. Supporting existing farm animals at sanctuaries, rescuing new ones and street animal care for those that must remain on street
  2. Education in schools and on the streets chiefly against dairy in Varanasi. Our outreach was to over 5000 students in 2019 .
  3. Continue to support the NGO's that do vegan education through potlucks and leafletting as they can.
  4. Continue our social media outreach for vegan education.

Prayas in Surat, Gujarat (above) has rescued over 175,000 animals but now has to build a desperately-needed new animal shelter. Please send USA tax deductible donations and mention Prayas through Help Animals India or any Indian donors can send through their website.

Dogs and Cats

Oh my, rescues and daily animal birth control of up to 20 dogs are continuing at Varanasi for Animals and our new project through Aurangabad for Animals.

The best news in Varanasi is that local adopters and caretakers are being found for the dogs rescued. Here is a one minute summary of our project at Varanasi for Animals work in 2019!

Cat Projects

All of our grant recipients help cats as they can. Specifically for cats we have:

  • PFA Chennai: the cat meat trade has come down
  • Karuna Society: funding the construction of a new shelter for traumatized and unadoptable cats
  • CUPA Bangalore: continuing the grants for trap/neuter/release help for kitties, one of the first in India!

In Bangalore: So many desperate messages from housing associations who are unable to deal with rising cat populations where urbanisation is proceeding at a very rapid pace - a really big problem! The rising feline population to a corresponding decreasing stray dog population !! And this is thanks to many years of dog animal birth control happening due to raised awareness in public, animal lovers, activists and NGOs...

Previously the housing authorities would just call in the cat KILLERS (pest control) and now we have the huge population rise and have approached CUPA to manage....this is a great development. The fact that they have reached out for a humane control mechanism shows rising awareness in the city dwellers.

Watch a one minute video of how cats are helped through the dedicated volunteers!

Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB)

If you follow news of India you will know that the N.E. States have had a harder than usual time due to protests against this. This chaos impacts street animals and regular activities to help them. Our dedicated long time partner JBF (Just Be Friendly) in Assam has an ambulance we funded over 10 years ago. The vehicle is almost beyond repair and must be ready for rescue and future flood rescues. Will you help us buy a new vehicle for them? Any amount will go towards its purchase!

Help Animals India will pledge to you: your donations will make a difference. We promise. Your donation WILL change lives. One USD = 71 Indian rupees or 115 Nepal rupees - wow!

With love and deepest appreciation from Help Animals India, all of the animals, and our colleagues in India and Nepal who serve them. We wish you success in your own worthy activities to bring happiness to all!