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Year end review towards a positive 2020!

December 18, 2019

Dear friend of India's animals, another year has passed and we at Help Animals India are more motivated than ever to devote our lives to save the animals! Why? It is because they desperately need us and we have the abilities, talents and drive to do so!

This year we see so many examples of the hard work through the partners paying off.

Here is a short video with some of the 2019 accomplishments:

With all the extreme challenges faced in India/Nepal the groups are stronger and individuals more inspired. This ultimately helps for a better future for all.

Effective altrustic animal activism is about supporting the groups that help the animals on a daily basis. Change cannot come only from the top down but from the bottom up as communities change and the local groups that we give grants are doing just that – changing their communities for the better.

We hope you will agree with our donor Toni Rapone who recently wrote about us:

"I am Help Animals India's biggest fan... because of your brilliant ability to manage the complexity of so many groups, because of your intuitive insight to choose the most effective groups to support, because of your competence to get the donations to your worthy recipients, and of course, because of your relentless and determined compassion to stop the suffering of so many forgotten animals."

Here is one pup (above) not only rescued from tar and adopted LOCALLY. Getting people in India to appreciate the Local non "purebred" dogs and adopt them is a real success story!

To help us heal innocent young souls and give them a reason to live, please continue to help us in whatever way you can so that more pups don't suffer who would have died a lonely death on the streets...our work is never done, but with your help, we will continue to be a lifeline to those who have no one. A million thanks from us all.

By distributing significant grant amounts yearly to our partner groups as per below we encourage their growth and stable local base to continue to thrive without making them completely dependent upon funds from outside India. This gives them a desperately needed boost and encouragement for their efforts!

Help Animals India projects have also accomplished all this below so far in 2019 with your kind support

Sterilized and vaccinated thousands of street dogs saving countless puppies from being born unwanted to a harsh life on the street. In Varanasi alone so far this year 3281 dogs - 1070 male and 1564 female - were sterilized and vaccinated!

Education efforts for treating community animals with kindness are paramount and this year so far 44 schools have been visited and 25 programs were instituted. In total 13,000 school children and 307 adults have been educated to help animals as they can.

Provided street dog rescue and vaccinations where there was no before providing vet care, thereby eliminating the rabies risk including another new project in Aurangabad (4 hours east of Mumbai) where there was zero help for the street dogs

Dozens of cats rescued from a hoarding situation.

Saved cats from being eaten in the cruel cat meat trade.

Continued the first trap, spay/neuter, release program (TNR) in India for stray cats in the streets of Bangalore and rescued cats from abusive situations.

Rescued and cared for wild animals such as monkeys, all types of birds, sloth bears, snakes and deer.

Provided support for legal elephant advocacy and sanctuary and care to support elephants rescued from abusive and cruel conditions.

Saved horses and donkeys from abandonment after their working lives were over to live happily in sanctuaries.

Saved chickens, pigs, goats, cows, and buffalos from the cruel fate of slaughter to now be able to live out their entire lives in loving sanctuaries.

Provided 5700 vegan school lunches for impoverished Nepal rural village schoolchildren with the support of A Well Fed World.

Answered daily inquiries from all over India asking advice for vet care and calls for rescue.

Provided modern veterinary training and supplies.

Continued the impactful Sarnath Animal Welfare dog sterilization program, where the community has been completely transformed from dog-fearing to dog-loving!

Reached out to new areas that were begging for animal rescue advice and street dog sterilizations/rabies protection.

Added new capable and hard-working groups to help the neediest animals.

Provided the small things – like vegan educational materials to be shown at monthly vegan potlucks and for the animals – treats and grooming supplies.

And the large things – such as ambulances for rescue, kennels, more advanced medical equipment– and much more!

Help Animals India will pledge to you: your donations will make a difference. We promise. Your donation WILL change lives. How could we ever thank you enough for that? With deepest appreciation from all of the animals and the people who serve them, thank you and many wishes for your success in your worthy activities to bring happiness for all,

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season and all blessings for 2020!

Eileen Weintraub and Help Animals India Board