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Rescue of Benny and Sheru and the Last Dancing Bear of Nepal!

November 2, 2019

Hello dedicated and lovely people who care worldwide!

Here is an update on recent grants and appeals.

We are honored to support the committed groups on the ground giving love, solace and care on a daily basis. All survived a summer of life threatening droughts and floods and now is the time to help the groups continue to strengthen their efforts. It is an absolute delight to help them, will you join us?

With all of the bad news these days we are pleased to share real progress. Thank you for joining us on our path to relieve animal suffering.

Here is one example of the miracles that happen daily in our world, courtesy of our new partner, the Humane Animal Society of Coimbatore in South India. Changing before our eyes from a shy, injured young soul to an energetic, loving little lady enjoying life to the full, baby Benny has come around in leaps and bounds (literally — she is a puppy!). As her leg grows stronger every day and her wound continues to heal rapidly, Benny's transformation is a joy to behold. A tiny, precious soul has been rescued from a life of pain and despair.

Your ongoing support means our partners can keep rescuing dogs like Benny from death and suffering on the streets of India. A million thanks from us all!

One of our strengths as a USA tax-deductible non-profit is to help our partner charities by providing "donor advised" funding. We have been honored to give large grants to give to Sneha's Care in Nepal. Through this funding the founder Sneha is having amazing accomplishments including just now rescuing what is being heralded as "The last dancing bear in Nepal".

Illegally poached as cubs, dancing bears endure a lifetime of physical and mental distress. Even their most basic needs, such as adequate nutrition, are not met. Each bear will suffer the piercing of their nose then a rope is passed through the raw wound and the rope will be tugged to make the bear dance! Fortunately this captured bear has only been "dancing" for about a year so can now adjust back to being a real bear in a sanctuary.

But wait there is more! Did you know that our dedicated partner Karuna Society has six rescued sloth bears in residence with care for life! And the struggle to feed all the hundreds of rescued animals which also include dogs, cats, deer, monkeys, Peafowl, cows, buffaloes, camel goes on daily!

Will you help feed the already rescued animals who are recovering from abuse and trauma in loving sanctuaries?

Every day our partners rescue animals and send lovely stories of compassionate action achieving victories like this: Here is Pinto rescued from the streets of Bangalore and now being brought up and nursed by one of the rescue cows at the CUPA Large Animal Rescue Centres. All these animals now have sanctuary for life.

Good News! We were able to obtain a second van for Varanasi for Animals. This is Help Animals India own project run by our partner - "HOPE and Animal".

With this van they can accomplish even more spay/neuter/vaccination for community dogs with the humane catching nets (will increase from the current 15 a day) and also serve the community by rescuing dogs like Sheru.

Sheru is a male Indie dog who was attacked by some unknown miscreants, beaten up, an eye gouged out and left for dead in Varanasi. A volunteer informed the Help Animals India Project at the Varanasi for Animals team who rescued him. Completely recovered, he is back in his area under the watchful eye of his caretaker. You can help with this lifesaving work.

See his transformation below!

Rescues like Sheru only happen as people call the team and stay with the animal until the ambulance arrives. These people are thereby further encouraged that others care and often may become rescuers themselves. Helping these projects is a win/win for the animals, the people who love them and an overall better society. What could be a better use of our care and financial support?

Your donation will make a profound difference. We promise. It may treat an injured community dog or sterilize a street cat. It may fund an ambulance, train a veterinarian or help educate people to keep animals off their plate. Wherever your kind donation goes, it will change lives and save lives.

With love and deepest appreciation from Help Animals India, all of the animals, and our colleagues in India and Nepal who serve them. We wish you success in your own worthy activities to bring happiness to all!

Special thanks to the Vegan Richa Fund and A Well Fed World for grants that helped us accomplish more this year!