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Imagine a better world

August 27, 2019

Dear Compassionate People worldwide:

Let's revisit the basics of how to help animals.

It begins with people and Help Animals India endeavors to empower the NGO (nonprofit) groups by funding them to get stronger and grow in their localities.

In these last days of summer where either drought or flood threatens so many areas we work as hard as we can so that people do not lose hope or despair in the tasks at hand.

A sweet community dog is picked up and after safe spay she is reunited with her friends on the street.

How community dogs are helped!

After sterilisation and careful recovery at the Varanasi for Animals clinic, community dogs are brought back to their own neighborhoods so they can meet their old friends! Help more dogs like this with spay/neuter/vaccination for only $15.00 (1000 Rupees) per dog.

Most of these dogs have caretakers and they will contact the clinic if the dogs need future medical help.

In honor of all cows!

A plant based (vegan) diet is the only solution for a future liveable world for both humans and animals. Until we get closer to that the NGO's we help support deal with the fallout for the leftovers in our society like: Gopala (above on the left) , so little as just a week old baby and met a new dog friend at the sanctuary.

Gopala was abandoned by the owner to fend for himself on the cruel roads. The little boy not knowing where to go was standing in front of a gate of a house. Luckily the house owner spotted him and took him inside. He later rang up CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action in Bangalore) to help him out. There are many such calves separated from their mothers. These calves are helpless when get injured, dehydrated and starved. They are by products of prosperous dairy owners. They are most often sold off for about $4.00 (300 rupees) to the butchers, others are abandoned on the roads and eventually end up at the butchers.

Want to help prevent situations like this? Refuse cow's milk and drink satisfying and healthful plant-based milk instead!

The peaceable Queendom

Here is Jayanthi (20 years), Indu (38 years) and Sandhya (about 55). Help Animals India works hard all year to help support these rescued ladies enjoying their special care through WRRC co-managed by Tree Foundation India and Elefriends 101. Want to help less fortunate elephants? Read more about helping India's elephants through advocacy and care.

Prayas Team

Prayas Team is our partner doing great work in Surat, Gujarat!

Prayas is a fantastic team with a unique phone relay system where volunteers attend to up to 60 rescue calls a day. Along with rescue they have permanent shelter residents and the distressing news is that they have to move their shelter! New land has been identified and construction has begun. So we need your help to continue their lifesaving work as below in a new shelter!

  1. Rescue of homeless Animals birds
  2. Treatment of the birds and animals brought in
  3. Admission and care-taking of the admitted patients
  4. Rehab of the healed patients
  5. Spay and neuter of street animals (Animal birth control)
  6. Education and awareness for students
  7. Rehab of wildlife
  8. Training of volunteers
  9. Training of veterinary personnel
  10. In house vegetable growing
  11. Rehoming of abandoned pets
  12. Fostering of pets
  13. Equipment making for rescue work
  14. Kitchen for all indoor animals to provide freshly cooked fo

If you can help with any amount so they can continue their lifesaving work, please designate your contribution to "saving animals in Surat."

Want to help animals every day? You can do so just by keeping them and their products (milk and eggs) off your plate. How about learning to cook healthy vegan Indian food with easy and delicious recipes from the fabulous Vegan Richa cookbooks!

Vegan Richa also helps animal charities and Help Animals India is grateful for their generous support!

Thank you for YOUR compassion! Please consider that in these slow days of summer animals need your help more than ever and grants are saving animal lives and relieving suffering year round!

Even though most of us are unable to support them in person, we CAN support the activism of the groups on the ground giving love, solace and care on a daily basis. It is an absolute delight to help them! Will you join us?

Please take note: The US dollar is still up to 70 rupees (poor rupee!) so your donation will go far to stop suffering and save birds, buffaloes, camels, cats, cows, dogs, donkeys, elephants, horses, monkeys and other wildlife!

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With love from Help Animals India, and deepest appreciation from all of the animals and the people who serve them.

Many wishes for success in your worthy activities to bring happiness for all!

In humble service of the animals and people we represent and strive for.

Eileen Weintraub

Eileen Weintraub
Founding Director
Help Animals India
Seattle, WA, USA