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Animal sacrifice, DonateKart, conference, drought!

July 10, 2019

Dear Friends of India/Nepal's animals – we hope you have time to share in some news.

Our challenging project in Varanasi continues strongly

Varanasi/Benares/Kashi is one of the most ancient cities of the entire world! What an opportunity to have true compassion for the animals spread. We are grateful to the hard working staff.

Welcome our new Manager Mr. Amit Dikshit who is determined to make our project there relieve the most suffering for the animals. Thankfully the intense heat has come down and the monsoon is here. With your help we can improve conditions for the animals/daily rescues and animal birth control surgeries every day - please donate if you can!

DonateKart Match!

A donor to Help Animals India has offered to donate one product for each one that you do purchase for this project. DonateKart is a wonderful alternative to Amazon and helps support all good things.

Products are listed in Indian Rupees and are as low as 30 Rupees (less than $.50 cents)! So give us all some encouragement and support these sweet animals if you can!

Drought looms across South India!

Two of our dedicated beneficiaries, Karuna Society and PFA Chennai, face much hardship providing water for the shelter animals.

In this article the story of PFA Chennai's struggles to provide water for their cows is portrayed.

And recently PFA Chennai took in more former police/race track horses to add to their 900 other animals. Lovely horses "Wonder Princess" and "Aegean Breeze" and two others would have killed upon their retirement but compassion rules and now they will have lifetime sanctuary!

Any sanctuary that Help Animals India gives grants to make sure animal birth control is done for all residents and area dogs/cats as they can.

Please help us send desperately needed support.

The Gadhimai "Festival" of Nepal

Animal sacrifice is a cultural/religious tradition across parts of India/Nepal echoing the ancient world.

A recent demonstration against the Gadhimai "Festival"

This atrocious event takes place every 5 years and has gained notoriety because tens of thousands of animals are brutally slaughtered.

The newly formed Federation of Animal Welfare Nepal (FAWN) was established as a lobbying entity for animal welfare with the purpose to institutionalize animal welfare in Nepal.

FAWN is now working so that this "festival" doesn't happen again in November 2019

Despite mounting pressure over the years and some misleading information, religious sacrifice of animals has not been outlawed in Nepal. In the last decade, thanks to the tireless work of animal rights activists and organizations, there has been a significant decrease in the number of animals sacrificed but the tradition continues. The next Gadhimai festival planned for this November so now is the time is now for all to come together and present a united voice against the continuity of this outdated and criminal practice.

Help Animals India participation: If you are able to support these FAWN activists we will send your USA tax deductible donation to them! Or donate directly on the website below.

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Thank you for YOUR compassion! Please remember grants are saving animal lives and relieving suffering year round!

In humble service of the animals and people we represent and strive for.

Eileen Weintraub

Eileen Weintraub
Founding Director
Help Animals India
Seattle, WA, USA