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A challenging summer ahead ...

June 6, 2019

Dear Friends of India/Nepal's animals:

Hope you will have some time to allow us to share some recent stories. Thank you for your dedicated support!

Meet Lucy-Pooh!

Lucy-Pooh was run over by a car - she was in serious condition and with her two front legs crushed, no one thought she would survive. With careful attention, Karuna for Animals and Nature staff managed to save one of her two front legs. Now she manages to do everything that a dog with perfect legs would do and beg for love and affection! She is one girl with a lot of attitude so don't mess with her - she is alert and protective of her territory, like the air-conditioned office room! Karuna Society is doing a great job as the only animal group in the area! Help support efforts in our grants to them, we want to help many more Lucy-Poohs if we can. Please donate - any donation big or small, goes a long way!

How ironic to be helping cows in India, land of the Sacred Cow where cow slaughter is illegal!

If you haven't read our article about India's cows yet, we hope you will get any questions you may have answered by reading it.

We can debate where there should be "humane" slaughter or even regulated legal slaughter as other countries have, but until the world becomes vegan we support the groups that rescue cows from indecent and outrageous brutality such as this practice of cutting the legs of cows by butchers!

India is so crowded that city cow owners let their cows run loose to eat from the garbage and then take them back only for milking. This leaves them vulnerable to being cow-napped by butchers and too often even have a butcher cut her legs so she could not move and then the butcher's truck comes by to take her to an illegal slaughterhouse.

Our groups spring into action and in one example (above) saved the cow and also other cows, bulls, buffaloes, and goats.

The risk to India's monkeys

Sadly, India's monkeys are at risk due to urbanization and too often need rescue suffering from electrocution, dog bites and other emergencies.

Above left: 'Gopal' is a langur money but he had no place to live so came to Karuna Society. He loves being pampered, and is affectionate and loves being scratched. Help Animals India works hard to raise money for Karuna Society for Animals and Nature. Their dedication is exemplary and the only place for help for rescued wildlife and domestic animals in this part of South India (Puttapathi).

Above right: Our partner writes: "People fill pockets with money. SPCA Thane Medical Officer fills them with mon(k)ey. Almost the same thing."

Our challenging project at Varanasi for Animals continues!

Left: Sprinkling clinic dogs to keep cool. Right: We are working hard to keep the clinic and the animals cool!

There is no place on earth like the holy city of Varanasi which also has the ancient names of Kashi or Benares.

This project was recently featured in Dogs Today Magazine.

If you haven't heard parts of India including Varanasi have been at temperatures consistently at about 114F/44C and higher.

Watch a short video of a sweet pup's recovery below:

But most importantly we continued to have the ABC (animal birth control plus rabies vaccination) surgery in an A/C room to help up to 15 dogs a day. Help make Varanasi a more liveable city for both people and animals by helping our project continue and get better for all!

Your donations for the elephants help accomplish this!

WRRC near Bangalore writes:

When Aneesha came to us she had already spent more than 3 decades in commercial captivity as a logging/begging elephant. She had never seen another elephant or interacted with any animal. You can still the result of her abuse in her injured extended foot even though much therapy has already been given.
Elephants are highly social animals , needing their families as much as we need ours. Aneesha needed a friend and our neighborhood cow Paro stepped up. They became best of friends and when Paro had a calf named Radha, Aneesha was an excited and loving aunty. Their interspecies bond is special and we were delighted to see that when Gowri another rescued elephant joined them, this little motley group expanded to love and include her as well. There is much to learn from animals especially tolerance , acceptance and compassion. 💜💜
Thank you for YOUR compassion!

Please remember grants are saving animal lives and relieving suffering year round!

Please take note: The US dollar is still up to almost 70 rupees (poor rupee!) so your donation will go far to stop suffering and save birds, buffaloes, camels, cats, cows, dogs, donkeys, elephants, horses, monkeys and other wildlife!

In humble service of the animals and people we represent and strive for.

Eileen Weintraub

Eileen Weintraub
Founding Director
Help Animals India
Seattle, WA, USA