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Disaster relief, dog meat rescues, and the vegan revolution

May 7, 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters of India/Nepal's animals:

We are shocked by Nepal's first tornado! Twenty-eight people and countless animals lost their lives. Our grantees Sneha's Care and Animal Nepal were on the ground offering urgent care.

More news we did not want to see

An unseasonable cyclone (usually they come in the fall), the strongest in 20 years hit the east coast of India on May 4th. Our long time beneficiary APOWA (Action for Protection of Wild Animals) is rescuing animals now and struggling to rebuild their shelter. Watch the video here. The area will take years to recover, please help now if you can!

APOWA writes: Tension is everywhere in affected areas as no relief, electricity, telecommunication has completely damaged. No water, food shortage, huge traffic jam in roads and hot summer has aggravated the situation. But our team has been working in this difficult situation to provide relief to animals.

Many remote and sea side villages are still cutoff and submerged. Many thousands people are injured. Sea water enters to villages, families stranded, drinking water facilities damaged, infrastructures damaged, hospitals destroyed.

Animals are At High Risk

The situation is awful and the misery of animals' are horrifying. Hundreds of thousands of animals with poor health, weakness have been made worse by the stress and trauma resulting from the storm. Many animals are starving, suffering from injury, and even viral are very fast in this situation. The heavy rain and salty sea water weakened bodies of many animals lead to respiratory, contagious diseases, dehydration, malnutrition etc. Cyclone's leave animals particularly susceptible to long-term diseases. These animals are in danger, struggling against hunger, disease and being homeless. Untreated, uncared and without food of these survive animals, these can lead to many thousands of deaths.

Our Response

We take necessary steps to prepare the community on preparedness. Our team restocked of vet medicines and regularly provided early warning to the public. Our team and volunteers has facilitated and helped vulnerable people and their animals shifted to cyclone/flood shelters and other safe shelters in coastal areas. In this way we save many animals' lives as well as people's life.

Presently, we are providing lifesaving help to survived animals in cyclone affected areas. Our first priority is to save and provide emergency feeding and treatment to injured, homeless animals like dogs, cat, cattle, which are most vulnerable.

Help Animals India has assisted animals in over 10 natural disasters in 15 years. Your support is urgent now for this cyclone and in future, as it keeps our disaster relief funding readily available and enables us to distribute relief funding as soon as it is needed.

20 dogs rescued from dog slaughterhouse

20 dogs have been successfully rescued from a very ugly dog slaughterhouse in Mizoram. They were subjected to extreme cruelty, their muzzle and limbs were tied up with sharp metal wire which pierced through their flesh causing massive wounds. They are under medical care and we are hopeful that they will recover very soon.

This is a landmark step for animal welfare as the activists from different states of N.E India coordinated together to save these innocent souls

Awareness training is planned with the police department as dog meat is illegal. Help Animals India is contributing as we can! Learn more about this issue.

Wake up everyone, cats need help too!

We are helping India's first major TNR (trap, neuter, release) for cats at CUPA Bangalore! Why watch them suffer with too many litters, unwanted kittens roaming the street? Let's make every kitty a wanted one! Caretakers catch the cats humanely and feline-trained vets perform the spay/neuter. Happy cats and happy communities! Please join in! Only $15.00 to spay one cat. Learn more here.

Vegan revolution: activists unite in Pune for animal justice

Animal activists gather at the Animal Liberation March at Sambhaji Park, JM Road, on Sunday. (Milind Saurkar/HT Photo)

One thing you can do for the environment: Rethink Dairy

From Climate Forward at the New York Times:

We've known for a while that many animal products have an outsize environmental footprint. But which ones have the most impact? It might not be news to you that beef is the most emissions-intensive food. But the next item on the list, may be more surprising: dairy products.
Alternative milks are chief among potential substitutes. From soy to almond/pea/hemp or oat milk; there's no shortage of plant-based options
There are now a plethora of replacements for other common dairy products as well, including cheese and ice cream. And, if you want to get even more creative, experiment with pulses, which refers to beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas. Chickpea flour, for example, can be used to make a creamy sauce.

Learn more about the challenges for India's cows here.

Our difficult Varanasi Project moves forward

A wonderful volunteer from Germany Ms. Denise Das has come to bring her expertise from other ABC (animal birth control) projects, improving working conditions for the staff and compassionate care for the dogs and community relations.

Watch a short video of one little guy's recovery, so many street animals need help!

Please remember grants are saving animal lives and relieving suffering year round!

Please take note: The US dollar is still up to almost 70 rupees (poor rupee!) so your donation will go far to stop suffering and save birds, buffaloes, camels, cats, cows, dogs, donkeys, elephants, horses, monkeys and other wildlife!

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With love from Help Animals India, and deepest appreciation from all of the animals and the people who serve them.

Many wishes for success in your worthy activities to bring happiness for all!