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A special award plus elephants, cats, cows and dogs!

March 13, 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters of India/Nepal's animals:

India is so special! There is a government award for animal activism for a woman, how many countries would do that! Three other women from our partner charities have also won the Nari Shakti which is the highest civilian honour for women in India like this over the years: Clementien Pauws of Karuna Society; Suparna Ganguly of CUPA and Shiranee Pereira of PFA Chennai. We are so honored to know them!

Here is Mini Vasudaven's story:

She gave up a lucrative career in the US and moved to India where she set up Humane Animal Society, Coimbatore (HAS) to serve the strays and needy animals in her home town. HAS has helped about 50,000 animals and sterilized 25,000 dogs in Coimbatore so far. HAS is also a new Help Animals India partner charity! Please donate in honor of her award and to expand their activities! (Please mention "HAS" in your donation field).

Mini writes: "I have always been someone who couldn't bear to see animals suffer, even when I was a child. I have encountered veterinary doctors who were either uninterested in treating stray animals or chose not to do so. Because of this, we decided to launch Humane Animal Society here. Our awareness programs have brought profound results! Earlier people wouldn't care to even inform us about injured animals. Now they painstakingly bring the animals in for treatment with much care and affection."

Elephants need help!

Each year Help Animals India raises money to help support five elephants as well as elephant advocacy and legal fights to protect them through WRRC. Last month we were asked to help yet another elephant rescued through our partner charity RESQ. She is now called Lilly and is finally free from a lifetime of abuse into a life of love and care.

Abandoned cows in Nepal need help!

Sneha's Care has taken on the huge task of rescuing 250 cows out of almost 2,500 cows that were abandoned by the Nepal government in the Forest! We are helping to build a permanent sanctuary for the survivors. In addition, real reform has been accomplished with the Nepal government to prevent this happening again! Please help if you can.

Cats need help! India’s first major cat sterilization project!

Help Animals India is continuing to fund CUPA in Bangalore for the now 500 cat sterilization project. We have volunteers but need cat traps and a mobile van. People are waking up in the cities to the suffering of stray cats! Can you help?

Want to help animals every day? You can do so just by keeping them and their products (milk and eggs) off your plate. How about learning to cook healthy vegan Indian food with easy and delicious recipes from the fabulous Vegan Richa!

Vegan Richa also helps animal charities and Help Animals India is grateful for her generous support!

Remember grants are saving animal lives and relieving suffering year round!

Even though most of us are unable to support them in person, we CAN support the activism of the groups on the ground giving love, solace and care on a daily basis. It is an absolute delight to help them! Will you join us?

Please take note: The US dollar is still up to 70 rupees (poor rupee!) so your donation will go far to stop suffering and save birds, buffaloes, camels, cats, cows, dogs, donkeys, elephants, horses, monkeys and other wildlife!

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With love from Help Animals India, and deepest appreciation from all of the animals and the people who serve them.

Many wishes for success in your worthy activities to bring happiness for all!