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Celebrating our 10th Anniversary, made possible because of YOU!

December 13, 2018

Help Animals India would like to share some of the life-changing projects that your support has made a reality AND tell you that it is our 10th anniversary! We were formed in 2008 and each year we are more inspired than ever to work hard for the animals!

If you know Help Animals India then you know what we stand for — consistent and dedicated efforts to help where the needs are greatest. We are saving animals which include cows, horses, donkeys, monkeys, camels, dogs, birds, elephants, buffaloes, cats and birds. All through our trusted partners that do not otherwise get the attention and support they deserve to do their lifesaving work.

Saving animals is a many tiered approach — each networked area must know how to respond to animal emergencies and be able to rely upon a local group for vet care and advice. Animals that cannot be returned to the street must have a place to recuperate and live — our values will demand no less than a good, clean environment and supportive staff. Experienced rescue staff must be on call and have access to vehicles such as this one we funded for PFA (People for Animals) Chennai.

Tibetan Volunteers for Animals Dog Club.

Help Animals India is unique!

This year we added grant disbursements to new, worthy and well-vetted groups — all listed on our website. By distributing significant grants early to our partner groups we encourage their growth and stable local base to continue to thrive without making them completely dependent upon funds from outside India . This gives them a desperately needed boost and encouragement for their efforts, such as the Tibetan Volunteers for Animals Dog Club at a Tibetan refugee town in South India.

Community dogs

We accomplished our fifth annual spay/neuter (animal birth control) project in Sarnath, where the community has been completely transformed from dog-fearing to dog-loving!

Animal birth control for dogs/cats goes on year round at most of our partner groups, please help us fund as much as you can!

Community cats

Spay/neuter programs are paramount as many cat guardians do not have anywhere to turn to do this unless we provide it, as the vets are not taught this in vet school. Cats are still being rescued from the brutal “cat meat trade” in South India.

Disaster Relief - who will help the animals?

This past summer Help Animals India once again rose to the call of action in another “natural” disaster in the state of Kerala and neighboring state of Karnataka (Coorg). Over 500 people died and over 1 million evacuated. The number of animals who suffered and perished is uncountable.

Our ever so kind donors rose to the task and we were so honored to be able to support the efforts of six groups who came from all over India at this critical time.

From us and all of the partners in India - deep gratitude to those who donated and cared! Thank you for your ongoing support to make disaster relief projects like this possible — the animals are counting on you!

Let us do all we can to save animals! Land for livestock food production drives out wild animals so eating less meat is paramount. Go Vegan to help save wildlife!

Help Animals India support programs to rescue, rehab and save wildlife.

Vegan Meals to School Children continues to raise School Attendance

Help Animals India and Grassroots Movement in Nepal collaborated to provide healthy vegan meals to impoverished school children in mountain villages. For some of these children this might be the only full meal for the day. A total of 65 students now receive a free hot tasty lunch. And of course, animals are being helped by keeping them off the plate! Each lunch costs only 13 cents per student!

This year, your donations have also:

  • Continued the monthly support to Ms. Devi (Delhi dog lady with hundreds of rescued well cared for dogs)
  • Provided sanctuary and care to help support five elephants rescued from abusive and cruel conditions as well as legal advocacy for all of India’s elephants.
  • Saved camels, horses and donkeys from abandonment after their working lives were over
  • Saved chickens, pigs, camels, cows, and buffalos from the cruel fate of slaughter
  • Sterilized and vaccinated thousands of street dogs and cats, saving countless puppies and kittens from being born unwanted to a harsh life on the street
  • Provided street dog rescue and vaccinations to isolated villages without proper vet care, thereby eliminating the rabies risk
  • Rescued and cared for wild animals such as monkeys, all types of birds, sloth bears, snakes and deer
  • Fed and cared for rescued cows, buffaloes, camels, equines, birds, goats, dogs, and cats in shelters
  • Answered daily inquiries from all over India asking advice for vet care and calls for rescue
  • Provided modern veterinary training and supplies
  • Reached out to new areas that were begging for animal rescue advice and street dog sterilizations/rabies protection.
  • Added new capable and hard working groups to help the neediest animals
  • Given the small things - like vegan educational materials to be shown at monthly vegan potlucks and for the animals — treats and grooming supplies.
  • And the large things such as ambulances for rescue , kennels, more advanced medical equipment— and much more!

There are few things in this world that can be said completely without a doubt. But this we know is true: it is ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU that these projects happened. It is only because of your kind donation that Help Animals India and its partner charities were able to save lives, give medical care, feed, house, LOVE these animals (and people too)! And this is what Help Animals India will pledge to you: your donations will make a difference. We promise.

With deepest appreciation from all of the animals and the people who serve them, thank you and many wishes for your success in your worthy activities to bring happiness for all,

Eileen Weintraub and the Help Animals India board

Photo: Dr. Akshay Prakash/Sarnath, 2018.