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Recent news and highlights

October 11, 2018

Hello dedicated people who care worldwide! Here is an update on recent grants and appeals.

But remember grants are saving animal lives and relieving suffering year round!

The least we can do is support the activism of the groups on the ground giving love, solace and care on a daily basis.

It is an absolute delight to help them, will you join us if you can?

Please take note! The dollar is up again to its highest level ever to 74 rupees (poor rupee!), if you are in USA your tax deductible contribution will be stretched even further than ever.

Recent highlights

Important ABC work by Just Be Friendly (JBF) Assam

Ongoing ABC (animal birth control - spay/neuter/vaccination) projects for dogs and cats (and rescue) continue.

  • 250-300 ABC monthly at our Varanasi for Animals clinic
  • Upcoming yearly camp in Sarnath (with support from Bardot Fondation), up to 400 ABC
  • Accomplished a challenging project to do ABC for 100 dogs in the isolated and difficult to reach N.E. state of Arunachal Pradesh by the dedicated team of Just Be Friendly (JBF) Assam

Here is a delightful video of our favorite rescued elephant Aneesha who is being introduced to a new cow friend.

New partner: Prayas

We are pleased to announce our new partner Prayas in Surat, Gujarat. They strive in a united team endeavor for nature conservation and environmental protection through education and direct action. In 12 years of service, Prayas has helped 156,333 rescue cases, planted over 3000 trees, provided humane education to 250,000 people and provided community water buckets helping thousands of birds. Now Prayas proudly hosts a 100 member strong vegan group. Prayas is truly an organization that lives up to its mission!

This past summer Help Animals India once again rose to the call of action in another “natural” disaster in the state of Kerala and neighboring state of Karnataka (Coorg).

Help Animals India has saved countless animals from the grip of disaster. From the Indian tsunami of 2004, to flooding in the states of Assam and Orissa, to the numerous cyclones of Andhra Pradesh and the 2013 “Himalayan Tsunami” super floods, to the super cyclone in the Bay of Bengal in 2014, the 2015 floods in Chennai, and the major earthquake that wreaked havoc upon Nepal and yearly floods in N.E. India, we are helping to save the most vulnerable populations! Your funds and outreach have relieved so much suffering. And helping animals is helping people too!

Below is our video compilation of the funding to over six different groups who came from all over India that we were able to help substantially with donor support! Blue Cross of India (Chennai), RESQ (Pune), CUPA (Bangalore), PFA Trivandrum, SPCA Thane, and AMTM (Mumbai).

Efforts at rehoming animals from flood areas continue as many were taken back to CUPA.

From us and all of the partners in India - deep gratitute to those who donated and cared! Thank you for your ongoing support to make disaster relief projects like this possible the animals are counting on you!

A note on our natural disaster relief philosophy

We believe that no animal should ever be used for food, profit or any other purpose detrimental to the animal's life and well-being. However, in disasters, we believe the best ethical choice is to do as much as possible to prevent the death and relieve the suffering of farmed animals. We try to save life-threatened farmed animals when disaster strikes so they are not abandoned. Feeding and caring for homeless and injured dogs, cats, and birds during this time also sets examples of kindness. Through our interventions, we strive to show others compassion that will bring better conditions to animals today and in the years to come.

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With love from Help Animals India, and deepest appreciation from all of the animals and the people who serve them – thank you and many wishes for your success in your worthy activities to bring happiness for all!