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Conference, new grants, wildlife, equines and more!

June 12, 2018

Upcoming Event

Help Animals India is honored to once again speak and exhibit at the USA's premier animal rights conference upcoming this end of June. If you know anyone in Los Angeles, please tell them to meet us there!

New grants

As our work deepens its influence in India we are able to reach out to trusted contacts in places where there is little help without our support and shocking abuse to the area's animals.

This includes recent grants to the People for Animals groups including PFA Sirohi, PFA Bareilly, PFA Raipur, PFA Kollam. Through these groups we can help rescue and treat all types of animals large and small from cats to camels, monkeys to cows and of course dogs! We thank Mrs. Maneka Gandhi's and the People for Animals Delhi office for the advice and guidance to be able to help in far reaching ways.

And we are now helping in the small state of Jharkand through "Voice for the Voiceless" with the guidance of our Advisory Board Member Mr. Praveen Ohal, who also manages our Varanasi for Animals Project! Earlier Help Animals India has established HOPE & Animal Trust in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Now it is running well and we plan to help more animals so we are moving to new help charities get off the ground and encourage them! It means so much to these more isolated areas that people worldwide care and recognize and support their dedication.

Wildlife and equines at risk

Unless you are very lucky you are no doubt living in an area which is seeing a construction boom due to human overpopulation and India is no exception and challenges are great indeed. Wildlife is paying the ultimate price and our dedicated partner Karuna Society for Animals and Nature is building a new wildlife sanctuary which will house ,in a natural environment, all sorts of bears, monkeys, deer as well as continuing their rescue work for cows/buffaloes and animal birth control and rescue for dogs/cats.

Left: "Almost once a week we receive a monkey that is electrocuted by connecting to the live wires in town. There are no more monkeys in the forest. They all come to town and don’t know the difference between a live wire and the branch of a tree." (from Karuna)

Right: Rescued bears playing happily.

Domestic animals suffer through construction

No more back breaking work for these three sweet donkeys. They do not have to lug heavy load of bricks, cement and other building material up four floors at an under construction site in Dehradun, India. They have been rescued for a peaceful sweet life and forever home at the Rahaat for Animals sanctuary thanks to donor support.

Donkeys suffer in other ways through the craze of "donkey milk"

Here is little Smokey rescued from a miserable abandonment and now happy at the CUPA large animal center in Bangalore.

New article: vegan diet is "single biggest way" to reduce your impact on Earth

The word is getting out through dedicated activists that a plant based "vegan" diet is the most effective solution to help our environment.

Here is one of the best recent articles that prove that avoiding meat and dairy is "single biggest way" to reduce your impact on Earth It's the biggest analysis to date that reveals huge footprint of livestock provides just 18% of calories but takes up 83% of farmland.

Ongoing Vegan outreach

We are pleased to support a new vegan education center as well as the rescued from slaughter goats and other animals at the Rahaat for Animals shelter in DehraDun. We also recently had booklets sent to the far east state of Mizoram, India where, unlike most of the rest of India, there is no word or teaching on veg diet. We were so pleased when the volunteer wrote:

I want to tell you about the booklets that you have sent me and the impact that it had to the people around me. It maybe small but for us, here in North East India when people eat pretty much everything it's a huge thing for us.
I tried and distributed as much as I could. To my office, on the streets, people around me and also sent some to my home town.
First, my daughter read it and she decided turned vegan. Also my best friend. My nephew gave up meat too. My co-worker who is always been a hard core non vegetarian became vegetarian My relatives turned down offers from our government to have a pig farm after reading the booklets and feeling one should not be responsible for taking lives of any living beings. They are vegetarian now. So, I'm here to say, thank you. That booklet alone made lots of difference in a people around me. God Bless Your Sacred Work.

Update on Gowri

(Gowri, below left, is the newly rescued elephant from our last newsletter.)

Everyone watched and waited to see if Gowri would make friends with dear Aneesha at the WRRC centre near Bangalore. And we can now finally say it is a resounding success! They are besties now in their chain free freedom!

With love from Help Animals India, and deepest appreciation from all of the animals and the people who serve them – thank you and many wishes for your success in your worthy activities to bring happiness for all!