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Spring news and highlights

April 27, 2018

Some recent news and highlights - but remember grants are saving animal lives and relieving suffering year round

Gowri the elephant just rescued with sanctuary for life!

Gowri lived for 30+ years in a small shed at a religious institution. Every day, she was forced to perform actions unnatural to elephants, and stood on a stone floor, chained, for hours or days on end. This abuse led to several medical and psychological condition. 

But thankfully, Gowri is rescued and will now live at  WRRC's elephant sanctuary near Bangalore. A natural, forest land – and no more chains! After 30+ years of misery, Gowri is now free to walk (or run!) on dirt and grass, eat natural plants, bathe in the pond-enjoy her life. We hope with time, the sanctuary life will help her overcome her past abuse and transform her physical and psychological trauma. 

Gowri before and after rescue.

Your donations at work!

Help Animals India only receives funds from donors like you, will you support more hard working animal rescues like PFA (People for Animals Chennai)? Thanks to your donations, PFA Chennai has a new animal ambulance, enabling them to pick up injured animals across the city and taking them to shelter. Here is the new ambulance ready to rescue the suffering and needy ones. Watch a video of the 1000 plus animal shelter!

Drought looms! All animals need us!

Compassionate action shows in many ways towards others. No being should live in fear, hunger or thirst. Humans have the capacity to help. Here is our beneficiary PFA Sirohi. Sirohi is the only animal care organization in an isolated region of Rajasthan, and they are helping with various vital water projects for the wild animals of Aravali hills, including panthers, leopards, nilgais, wild cats, rabbits, peacocks, and more. During summer temperatures wild animals face dehydration and even death and this project saves many lives.

Many of the groups we support have water bowls for community animals (dogs, cows, birds), and now we have the help to wildlife as well!

Summer challenges are here and all the groups are struggling to keep shelter animals healthy in the often extremely oppressive heat as well as water bowls for surrounding street animals.

Raja the German Shephard

Clearly not a street dog, Raja the German Shephard was purchased and then brutally abandoned onto the streets near Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal. Who would do such a thing to a helpless being? Unlike street dogs, pedigree dogs are unable to thrive on the streets, having never learned how to care for themselves. Thanks to Community Dog Welfare Kopan, Raja was saved from the brink of death! He was given medical care, neutered, and supplied with unending love and food, and now has made a full recovery and looking for his forever home in Nepal! Thanks to your kind support, this was possible!

Raja before and after.

Please consider a monthly recurring online donation. This helps us to plan our year-long project, knowing the animals can count on your help.

With love from Help Animals India, and deepest appreciation from all of the animals and the people who serve them – thank you and many wishes for your success in your worthy activities to bring happiness for all!