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Our Grant Recipients

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Who receives these grants?

India’s animals have strong indigenous allies. The nation is blessed with many dedicated animal welfare organizations.

Help Animals India seeks out the best of these under funded organizations to provide financial and practical assistance where it can make the most difference.

We strive not only to achieve immediate benefits for India’s animals, but to nurture an enduring culture of animal protectionism.

During the past few years, Help Animals India distributed the following grants to these hard-working groups.

View a map of where our grant recipients are located.

Varansi for Animals

Varanasi for Animals

Despite the multitude of animals, who mostly co-exist with humans in relative harmony, this city of 1.2 million people hardly provides any animal welfare interventions. Animals facing sickness of injuries are mostly left to fend for themselves. Injured bulls hardly treatment, while injured dogs are often left to die by the side of the road.

After a life of service, sick and injured working equines are simply abandoned.

Thanks to Help Animals India for the initiative taken to help all these animals, Varanasi for Animals is thankful to the donors for making an organisation work for the distressed animals where Government is not at all concern for their welfare.

Karuna Society

Karuna Society for Animals and Nature

We are extremely grateful to Help Animals India, who have always been there for us over the years with help and support when we really needed it.

They started supporting us when we needed to create a brochure about the horrific problem of cows and other animals dying of a painful death after eating plastic bags left behind in the open garbage systems of India.They also supported us when we needed to show the Plastic Cow Documentary to the villagers in their local languages.

Soon after that, we were asked to take in an additional 146 rescued cattle to our existing herd of 300 during the worst time of the year, the drought season. How touched we were, when Help Animals India immediately stepped in to help us with the feeding and watering of these cattle which was literally life saving. Without their support we would have been facing a very difficult time.

- Clementien Pauws - President - Karuna Society for Animals and Nature


Read about 'The Plastic Cow Project' your donations funded.

Just Be Friendly Charity

JBF - Just Be Friendly Charity, Guwahati, Assam

Help Animals India does an amazing job at supporting effective animal welfare works in India. They help many organizations with financial help which makes a huge difference to the animals.

JBF (Just Be Friendly) today has an Ambulance for rescuing of suffering animals and also for undergoing “Humane Dog and Rabies Management Program”. This is because of Help Animals India! This support gives a very positive impact in the organization and ultimately to our animal friends.

- Dr. Sashanka with team JBF

CUPA Banalore Elephant Project

CUPA Bangalore Elephant Project

CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) is at the forefront of the effort to expose the unacceptable living conditions of India's estimated 3,500 to 4000 captive elephants and restore these majestic animals to dignified lives in the wild. One of India's major animal welfare organizations, CUPA believes this transition from captivity to freedom can best be achieved by means of a national network of advanced rescue and rehabilitation centers.

As a member of the Appraisal Team for Zoo Elephants, CUPA hopes to make a strong recommendation to the Government of India for the establishment of elephant rescue centers in the elephant range states so that the zoos where elephants are kept can be relegated to the annals of history and the new care homes become the stepping stones for the rehabilitation of elephants to their rightful heritage – the forests of India.

Left: Female temple elephant Menaka in a bamboo grove at rescue center in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, sponsored by CUPA (donations always needed to support her care).

People for Animals, Chennai

People for Animals, Chennai

The old, the dying, the sick, the blind, the injured, the abandoned and those rescued from slaughter - they all find a home with us. Close to a thousand animals - horses, cattle, goats, sheep, donkeys, cats pigs, monkeys, birds and dogs - all of whom have been victims of purposeful human violence - are taken care of us at our shelter at Redhills, Chennai, India.

We remain deeply grateful to Help Animals India and their generous donors, who have not been just a bountiful source of funds to help us take care of these animals - for the purchase of their food / life-saving medicines and to help rebuild the shelter - but also for being a pillar of support and strength to us when the shelter was devastated by two natural calamities - a flood and a cyclone- all within a year. In gratitude is our promise to strive harder and battle stronger to help make this world a little better place for these voiceless and defenseless souls. With gratitude always - Board of Trustees, Staff and all the animals at People for Animals, Chennai.

Thane S.P.C.A.

Thane S.P.C.A.

Thane S.P.C.A.’s emergency animal care centre caters to the abused and ailing animals of Thane district (near Mumbai). There is a separate quarantine ward, wild bird enclosure, monkey ward , turtle pool, cattle shed and regular canine/feline enclosures. In addition, it houses a separate state-of-the-art operation theatre, complete with a digital X-ray unit.

To advance its mission, Thane S.P.C.A. also operates four ambulances, three of which are the only cattle ambulances in the entire district. Since the inception 12 year ago, the organisation has rendered holistic medical service to over 60,000 animals, with many more successfully rehomed to loving families.

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, the dedicated committee members and staff make continued efforts to live up to their mission statement:

“Profoundly aware of the value of each animal, we aim at living our Mission everyday by serving our Community animals with committed compassion to relieve them of their suffering and to restore their health swiftly, scientifically and humanely while protecting and lobbying for their natural rights.”

“We, at Thane S.P.C.A. sincerely thank the Help Animals India team for their past and current support. Their donations have helped us bring aid to the many voiceless stray animals of Thane – for that we remain deeply grateful.”

- Shakuntala Majumdar (President, Thane S.P.C.A.)

Arunchula Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter

Arunachala Animal Sanctuary & Rescue Shelter

This it truly a difficult time to fund activities "lifting suffering from the Animal Realm". It’s heart wrenching to see all the suffering on the streets, and think of having to curtail activities because of insufficient funding. These are such innocent souls.

We have been involved in lifting so much suffering. Thank you for the Help Animals India grants which covered the activities of ABC (animal birth control) operations, rescues, and some general activities. Also the grant for the ambulance. No need to be too explicit about how difficult it was catching 4,400 animals in these last few years for ABC sterilizations and vaccinations without an ambulance using only rickshaws. Or having to scramble to get a vehicle to go on a rescue mission that needed a larger vehicle.

These grants were major for us and don’t know if we could have made it without them. Again, thank you Help Animals India.

- Leslie Robinson, Founder and Managing Director, Arunachala Animal Sanctuary & Rescue Shelter and the "Voiceless Creatures"

Maitri Trust Animal Care Project

MAITRI Trust Animal Care Project, Bodhgaya

Although MAITRI was initially set up to only provide treatment to leprosy cases, it soon started diversifying to the care of other sufferings in the human realm and, true to its Buddhist roots, in the animal realm too. Thus we have been rescuing dogs and goats and, from time to time, other kinds of animals as well, for over 20 years. They all live with us.

It is this shared principle that "Compassion knows no boundaries" that has brought us and Help Animals India together and has prompted them to give us support in various forms, including financial contributions for the upkeep of our over 130 inmates. The ABC programme that was first applied to our inmates in 2003 now routinely takes care of the community dogs of Bodhgaya and surrounding areas, who are sheltered in our kennel, kept until fully healed, and treated just like the residents.

- Adiana Ferranti, Founder/Director MAITRI Trust Animal Care Project

Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Samstha

Sarvodaya Sevabhavi Samstha is a Bangalore-based NGO (or organization) which is dedicated to helping animals in need. They inclue three Veterinarians who have chosen to forego lucrative careers in the field of animal husbandry and instead, decided to use their prodigious talents and skills to serve animals who are in need and to train other Vets and animal care personnel.

Sarvodaya Vets have been actively engaged in the Animal Birth Control (ABC) and the Anti-Rabies Vaccination (ARV) programs. The dogs are caught using the Butterfly Net method, considered the most humane technique, and are operated on by the highly skilled team of Sarvodaya vets using the keyhole technique. This surgical method causes minimal trauma to the dogs, thereby resulting in faster healing and recovery.

Besides conducting ABC surgeries and animal clinics in Bangalore, Sarvodaya has also been active in major cities of Mysore and Pune as well as outlying areas in Karnataka state. Help Animals India is supporting the Sarvodaya vets, vet assistants and animal handlers in Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh to help the “Buddhist” dogs in that city.

Raahat for Animals (PFA DehraDoon)

Raahat for Animals (PFA DehraDoon)

Helping Animals across India, Eileen has not only come forward to support Raahat, our shelter for PFA Dehra Doon but she has also been guiding us in various other organisational matters, responding promptly to our sometimes 'marathon mails!

We share a great affinity with Help Animals India as both the organisations are managed entirely by volunteers. What is remarkable about the Seattle based organisation is that they have chosen to support small under animal charities which though providing the most basic services more often than not go unrecognised Eileen well understands the daily struggle of running an animal shelter and here we distinctly remember her bringing down a few notches or two an irate complainant, on a social networking site, for indulging in the luxury of armchair criticism while expecting under-funded and under-staffed organisation/s to provide prompt door-step services. Bravo! indeed. Thank you for your hands-on support.

HOPE and Animal Trust

Hope and Animal Trust, Ranchi, Jkarkand

“We, of HOPE & Animal Trust of Ranchi, Jharkhand, India are highly obliged to Help Animals India for inspiring and motivating us by funding Bike Ambulance, Kennels, Shed for animals, Para-Vet’s salary and other administrative expenses.

Help Animals India’s financial support pushed us to do more rescue and treatment works. The animals in Ranchi are grateful to the donors of Help Animals India for their better/healthy/disease-free life.

- Praveen Ohal, CEO, HOPE & Animal Trust

Sarnath Animal Welfare

Sarnath Animal Welfare

The Sarnath Animal Welfare project was born out of the compassion of a Buddhist pilgrim who was touched by the deplorable condition of the street dogs in this historic site where the Buddha first taught. Help Animals India took up the challenge and, in 2014, we organized Sarnath’s first annual animal birth control campaign. By the end of the second campaign in 2015, roughly 70 percent of the region’s dogs had been sterilized.

Reports have flown in from Buddhist pilgrims delighted by the before-and-after transformation: there are much fewer dogs, and they are much healthier and happier.

In addition to birth control, Help Animals India also enables Sarnath Animal Welfare to vaccinate the street dogs and provide humane education for children and adults. Our humane education programs teach the villagers the importance of animal welfare, how to feed and care for the community dogs, how kindness and consideration reduce the risk of aggressive behavior and how to respond if a dog does bite.

Help Animals India also sponsors Sarnath Animal Welfare’s water bowl project. This vital utility provides permanent, cement water troughs in the village. These are a lifesaver for thirsty dogs, cows, goats, cats, birds and other animals in a place where the temperature can soar above 110°F degrees in the summer.

The Sarnath Animal Welfare project is a resounding success. The majority of dogs have been sterilized. And where children once ran away in fear, they now feed and shelter the dogs. Animals who used to suffer from infection, mange, hunger and starvation now lead happy and healthy lives.

Animals Nepal

Animal Nepal

Animal Nepal in 2008 introduced a Working Donkey Outreach Programme. We conduct regular mobile clinics, provide first aid boxes and improved harnesses, and educate factory and equine handlers and owners. Weak and handicapped donkeys are rescued and taken to the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary. By now, the conditions of the 500 or so working equines in Lalitpur have improved considerably. We also reach out to sick and injured equines in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur district whenever we are called.

During the off season (May-December) we run an outreach programme in Nepalgunj, where the equines are kept six month per year. The objective of our Working Equines Outreach Programme is: To improve the conditions of working donkeys, to educate donkey owners, handlers and kiln owners and to lobby for better conditions for working animals across the nation. The programme aims at evaluating the following strategies:

  • Organise regular health clinics for working equines
  • Organise regular education sessions for donkey owners, child handlers and factory owners
  • Rescue sick and injured equines
  • Lobby for passing of Animal Welfare Act and rules for working animals
  • Campaign against 'Blood Bricks'
  • Promote responsible brick industry and 'clean and green bricks'

— from the website of Animal Nepal

Bhaktapur Animal Welfare Society

Bhaktapur Animal Welfare Society

Bhaktapur Animal Welfare Society (BAWS), located near Kathmandu,Nepal, was started by a group of passionate, young, professional veterinary doctors and animal lovers who teamed up with the motive to help the miserable situations of stray dogs. BAWS is involved in the welfare, well-being, safety, and protection of street animals that are a crucial part of society.

BAWS has organized various activities related to street dog welfare, Animal Birth Control, treatment of injured dogs, public awareness creation, rescue, and re-homing. BAWS has been organizing Anti-Rabies Vaccination program for street dogs in various areas of Bhaktapur city. As of July 2015, more than 320 street and community dogs have been spayed/neutered, more than 2100 stay dogs have been vaccinated against rabies. BAWS has also rescued and treated more than 300 sick and injured dogs in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Lalitpur city.

Project Humane Nepal

Project Humane Nepal

Founded in the summer of 2015 by a young Nepali woman studying for a graduate degree in the USA, Project Humane Nepal is currently run by a group of 8 volunteers. The mission is to conduct humane education programs focusing on animal welfare for children in Nepal's schools and orphanages, and the organize community awareness programs to end animal abuse and neglect. Project Humane Nepal is the first organization of its kind in the country, and the long term goal is to infuse animal welfare education in the standard curriculum of the schools of Nepal.

Additionally, Project Humane also organizes a weekly feeding and de-worming program for street dogs of Kathmandu, in order to help street dogs as well as interact with the community and children in the neighborhoods in order to spread awareness about cruelty against street dogs and safe interactions to prevent dog bites.

In its first 4 months, Project Humane Nepal educated 2200+ children, dewormed 765+ dogs, fed 1500+ dogs - all through the tireless efforts of 8 dedicated volunteers.

Cattitude Trust

Cattitude Trust, Chennai

The Cattitude Trust of Chennai, India is honoured to be associated with Help Animals India which goes out of its way to use donated funds to purchase life saving formulas and feeding bottles (which are simply not available in India) for our rescued orphaned kittens – this has saved dozens of precious lives (in the old days it was syringe and diluted milk).

Today we donate a life saving pack to many people willing to foster rescued infants. Then there are the wonderful refinements and treats for our cat homes – cat nip, cat toys, medication – and always so much advice and assistance and support.

Thank you Help Animals India for opening up so many opportunities to benefit our darling kitties!

- Devika Khazvini, Managing Trustee,The Cattitude Trust

Elephant Watch Nepal (EWN)

Elephant Watch Nepal (EWN)

Elephant Watch Nepal (EWN) is an international community of elephant lovers and experts who are concerned about the fate of the wild and captive Asian Elephant in Nepal. Its main aim is improve the welfare status of Nepal’s majestic elephants through increased awareness among stakeholders, better welfare regulations, and improved management of safari elephants.

EWN wants to see elephants:

  • Protected in the wild
  • Out of zoos
  • Away from the entertainment industry
  • Well taken care of while in captivity

Elephant Watch Nepal is grateful to the Help Animals India donors for the first grant received. This will enable the beginning of the vital work to protect the elephants.

Tibetan Volunteers for Animals

Tibetan Volunteers for Animals

TVA (Tibetan Volunteers for Animals) is a registered non profit organization based in South India, managed and run by a group of young Tibetans determined to make a difference. Founded in 2006, TVA has been involved in non violent Vegan Education and Animal Rescue, Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Programs in the community.

Since the beginning of TVA, Eileen Weintraub has been one of the driving forces behind our works. Later after the founding of Help Animals India, they has been one of the driving forces behind our work. We will remain forever thankful to Help Animals India for all its moral as well as financial support without which we wouldn't have been able to make the progress so far.

- Monlam Makhampa, TVA Director

Maneka Gandhi

People for Animals, India

We are grateful to the donors to Help Animals India for providing People for Animals with funds! We will use it to sustain our shelters: salary of staff, maintenance, animal feed, medicines, animal transportation, medical equipment, to fight court cases for animal welfare etc.

People for Animals (PFA), under Smt. Maneka Gandhi’s direction, is the largest animal welfare organization of India. We have 32 hospitals and we are working steadily to make India free of rabies. We do animal rescue work, lobbying and legal work. Our efforts have resulted in many things that are taken for granted such as the green/red dot on packaged material (which verifies it is vegetarian), the removal of animals from circuses, and the removal of whips from horse racing. These are just some of the cases we have fought and won. Our hospitals rescue over 5000 animals a day. All units of PFA actively fight poaching and stopping urban markets.

We set up and run shelters, ambulance services, dog sterilization programmes, treatment camps and disaster rescue missions for animals. We have a network of 165 units, 36 hospitals and 60 mobile units nationwide. We act as a pressure group to bring about environment and animal friendly legislation and take direct action to protect animals and punish offenders. The organization conducts awareness programmes to sensitize people about animal welfare. PFA actively patrols highways to check against overloading and smuggling of animals for slaughter. This is just a millionth of what PFA does. There is not a single day in which some major stride is not made towards the rescue and rehabilitation of animals.

Past Grant Recipients

Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals

Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals

Help Animals India, under Eileen Weintraub’s direction, is chiefly responsible for VSPCA’s development to become one of the leading animal welfare organizations in India.

At a time when the world is in economic crisis which affects animal welfare, Help Animals India’s role has long been authentic and committed, and extremely concerned to help get in the requisite funds to assist the maintenance of the sanctuary and other related animal advocacy and rights activities with many different projects.

We remain most greatly, deeply obliged and highly appreciable to the team of Help Animals India.

- Pradeep Kumar Nath, Founder and President, VSPCA

Rishikesh Animal Care

Rishikesh Animal Care

We are situated mainly in Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula and have been taking care of the animals here privately for the last several years. This page is dedicated to bringing awareness to their situation, and what can be done.

Our work is mainly on the street, with on site care. A lot can be done with daily onsite check ups and care and feeding. We hope to expand and open an animal care center(s) where we can extend our help for the animals. With community and volunteer help our project goals include the following:

  • Humane Population Control, family planning of the community dogs, as agreed upon by the community. Recently we had the government vet trained to do sterilizations, so this is now possible in Rishikesh.
  • Continued medical care of injured and sick community dogs, cows, horses and mules and others as needed.
  • Provide preventative medical care, as in rabies inoculations, vaccinations, etc., in agreement with local authorities.
  • Provide or find a home, sanctuary for animals that cannot survive on the streets on their own.
  • Provide education to the local children about how to treat animals with kindness and safety, and how to prevent dog bites.
  • Initiate a training program for animal care that will provide employment to local residents.
  • Share our love and respect for all beings.
Action for Protection of Wild Animals

Action for Protection of Wild Animals (APOWA)

Action for Protection of Wild Animals was established on 20th April, 1999. Our experience is in the field of animal welfare, nature conservation, and sustainable development programmes.

As a challenging and constructive development organization, APOWA addresses these issues: survival of species and their habitats, humane treatment of animals and their how the interaction can improve with the human population.

As well as being active in conserving natural resources in our coastal area of our state of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa); choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on ground work and taking into account community needs.

Over the years, our perspective has broadened to reflect a more holistic understanding of the conservation issues facing our state and country; from footprint reduction work related to climate change to disaster risk reduction programmes.

We focus and educate how the reduction of Mangrove threatens our populations, as well as the community based disaster risk reduction programmes in coastal villages. We support innovations in appropriate technologies and sustainable livelihood that help coastal communities to supplement their incomes. Working with local communities is the strong thread that runs right through our field activities.

— from the website of Action for Protection of Wild Animals

ABC India

ABC India

Anywhere you go in India, one thing you’ll see a lot of, in addition to people, is dogs. Some estimates put India’s roaming dog population at 35 million, but no one knows for sure. What we do know for certain is that India’s dog population will only continue to increase failing large-scale intervention.

India’s free-roaming dog population can be successfully managed through ABC, or “animal birth control”, a process by which dogs are surgically sterilized so they do not reproduce. At the time of surgery, the dogs are vaccinated against rabies. It is against the law to kill dogs in India. The only legal way to address the issues of an over-abundant dog population is through the implementation of ABC.

Help Animals India

ARK – Animal Rescue Kerala


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