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Homeless dog living on the streets Rescued birds Rescued baby buffalo Puppy receives medical attention Turtles held in hands Boy with a bird on his shoulder Woman bottle feeding a rabbit Two dogs curled up in a basket Puppy wrapped in a blanket

Saving India's Street Dogs: From ABC to ARV

Article, Help Animals India

Millions of stray dogs live on the streets of India. With the recent increase in popularity among Indians of full breed dogs, more and more street dogs are abandoned pets or have bred with pet breeds. Read more…

Restoring the Sacredness of India's Cows

Article, Help Animals India

In India, cows are sacred, in principle, to the dominant Hindu population, but this reverence is often expressed in words alone. India’s anti-slaughter laws do nothing to prevent spent cows and buffalo (and surplus calves of both species) from being shipped to other states (or countries) where it is legal to slaughter the poor animals. Read more…

Ahisma in Action

Presentation (PDF), Help Animals India

Help Animals India Founder Eileen Weintraub presents an informative presentation on the repercussions of animal agriculture, and the plight of street dogs & other species across India at the 2015 FARM Animal Rights Conference in Washington, DC. We are happy to have had the opportunity to educate more activists about global animal issues, as well as gain new supporters for India’s animals. Read more…

Vets with Nets

Video 3:49, Help Animals India

Rabies and dog overpopulation are a serious problem on the streets of India. But in this upbeat video, Sarvodaya - an A-Team of dedicated animal lovers - play dogcatcher with nothing but good intentions. Their compassionate catch, treat and release work is funded, in part, by Help Animals India. Watch this video…

Freeing and improving conditions for India's Captive Elephants

Article: Help Animals India

A profile of the extraordinary work of CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) - a Help Animals India-partner charity - to restore India's thousands of captive elephants to dignified lives. Read more…

When Kitty's Eyes are Smiling

Video 3 minutes, Help Animals India

Thanks to supporters like you, the cats in our rescue projects and sanctuaries in India, received food, medical attention and loving care! Meet some of these cats…

Spreading compassion where the Buddha first taught

Article: Northwest Dharma News

Eileen Weintraub describes a Help Animals India mission of compassion for the dogs and villagers in one of India’s most sacred Buddhist sites. Read more…

Outsourced in Seattle by an Animal Shelter in India

Article: The Seattle South Asian

India and its animals have become a full-time occupation for me. I tell everyone I'm “reverse outsourced.”

That is, I work in the 'states by computer for an Indian “business.” That business is helping India’s animals for no pay, long hours, sleepless nights full of worry - and priceless satisfaction. Read more…

In India cats are the ultimate underdogs

Article: interviews eileen weintraub of help animals india

“There are many suffering and stray cats in India with few organizations to help them. Cats are forced to survive very hostile conditions and are victims of extreme weather, a superstitious public that abuses them, vehicle accidents and attacks by dogs and monkeys…" Read more…

See photos and listen to our radio interview

Video 67 minutes, The Organic View Radio Show

The problems, the solutions and what we and our partners in India are doing to help.

Watch this video…

Helping animals from Brooklyn to Bodhgaya

Article: Northwest Dharma News

In my role I try to share in the sweat, trials and tribulations of the Indian activists whom I greatly admire.

Every day I am impressed by the many ways these dedicated people make a difference in. Read more…

The Power of Love

Video 8 minutes, Arunachala Sanctuary

An inspiring video from Arunachala Sanctuary. Watch this video…

Maria, our Special Needs dog

Video 0:55 minutes, VSPCA

The song goes how do you solve a problem like Maria. But we don't think sweet Maria, rescued by VSPCA, is a problem but a Special Needs puppy. She needs a cart and all of the love and attention to grow up healthy. We at VSPCA want to build a an area for special need dogs and cats like her. Please help us with your fundraising ideas! Watch this video…

Maria's Cart

Video 1:06 minutes, VSPCA

A heartwarming victory by the team at Visakha SPCA. Maria, a handicapped puppy, was rescued after being run over on the busy streets of Visakhapatnam. Here we see her enthusiastically take her first steps with her new prosthetic cart, cheered on by VSPCA staff in their local dialect of Telugu (“da” means “come”). Watch this video…

Ducks saved from the illegal slaughterhouse

Video 0:34 minutes, VSPCA

A miracle - rescued ducks get to swim happily in the new VSPCA pond - rescued from cruel slaughterhouse conditions these lucky ducks get to join the other 1100 animals at the VSPCA sanctuary in Visakhapatnam, AP India Watch this video…

“Menaka” Rescued temple elephant in India

Video 3:30 minutes, VSPCA

Brinda Nandakumar, attorney volunteering for CUPA (Compassion Unlimited Plus Action) NGO in Bangalore India and the WRRC - explaining Maneka's herstory and why CUPA had to rescue her from her cruel situation as a temple elephant. Watch this video…

Cows coming out to feed

Video 4:00 minutes, VSPCA

Watch half of the 650 rescued cows at Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals , located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India on the east coast by the Bay of Bengal. - Filmed and narrated by Eileen Weintraub - January 2010 Watch this video…

VSPCA cat shelter

Video 3:34 minutes, VSPCA

One of three VSPCA (Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals - ) cat shelters to house over 60 cats that cannot be returned ot the streets of the city of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. With advanced protocols for treating cats - VSPCA is one of the very few places in all of India to shelter cats in a safe, healthful and pleasant way. Filmed and narrated by Eileen Weintraub of Help Animals India in January 2010. Watch this video…

In-depth interview about the groups Help Animals India supports

Audio: 3 hours

Eileen Weintraub, founder of Help Animals India, joins Martha Norwalk to talk about her travels in India and what she witnessed there that compelled her to start our charity. An in-depth discussion of the groups we support – and how you can help. Listen to the interview…
Hour 1 starts at 30 minutes.
Hour 2 starts at 10 minutes.
Hour 3 starts at 4 minutes.
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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
– Gandhi
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