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Help Animals India ®

Evaluating charities, evaluating us

Why donate to Help Animals India?

Help Animals India provides three critical services:

  1. To assist donors who wish to help the many animals of India.
  2. To provide a means to donate to the charities of India just as you would a USA. charity – and receive a tax deduction.
  3. To advise and guide the charities of India to improve their mission and save more animals.

The charities we support can be found here. If you have questions about these organizations please contact us and we will be happy to help you with your donation and answer any questions.

For more details on the grants we give please scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll find links to download our tax returns.

How do I know that my donation goes directly to the animals?

That is a good question and should be investigated every time you make a donation. Most charities have expenses and operational costs that are not providing directly to the cause or service. Given that there are these additional expenses, you'll want to know how much of your dollar goes directly to animal care.

Over 95% of our incoming revenue goes toward direct program service to help India’s animals . Help Animals India has earned the Guidestar Exchange Seal signifying a commitment to transparency and has also achieved the highest rating on Great Nonprofits where we were named a Top-Rated Charity. We are proud of these results!

We encourage you to take a deeper look into our financials. Our financial information and IRS 990 forms can be accessed both here and on Guidestar, the trusted source for information on all US charities. The important work that we do to help animals depends on your generous support. None of this would be possible without your donation. We are so grateful for your compassionate support.

Charity Navigator is another charity review site. Please note that Help Animals India is not listed in Charity Navigator because they only review organizations with budgets that exceed $1,000,000. Specifically: they require "public support to be more than $500,000 and total revenue more $1,000,000." Help Animals India does not keep funds in the bank but distributes them to save the animals as soon as we can!

Reviewing tax returns

A charity should make it easy for you to access their tax returns, but not all charities do. Fortunately organizations like Guidestar can help find those tax returns and they may also have reviews by other donors, so even if a charity provides their tax returns you may went to look them on on sites like Guidestar.

Here are our most recent tax returns:

2016 IRS 990:     Download

2015 IRS 990:     Download

2014 IRS 990:     Download

2013 IRS 990:     Download

2012 IRS 990:     Download

2011 IRS 990:     Download

2010 IRS 990:     Download

2009 IRS 990:     Download

If you have questions please contact us and we will be happy to provide any information about Help Animals India

Until he extends his circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.
-Albert Schweitzer
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