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Help Animals India ®

About Us

An award for one equals an award for all of us

Help Animals India was deeply honored to become a recipient of the Pollination Project’s 2016 Award for Unsung Vegan Heroes. This award recognizes advocates who are working quietly behind the scenes to create a better world for animals. It’s so fitting that Help Animals India is what drew this recognition; supporting the unsung animal heroes of India is what we’re all about! And people like you who help make that happen are heroes to all of us.

Help Animals India

19215 32nd Avenue N.E.

Seattle, WA, 98155, USA

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Founding Director

Eileen Weintraub – USA

Board of Trustees

Jessika Ava – USA

Mark Daniel Johnson – USA

Donna Marino – USA

Advisory Board

Suparna Ganguly – India

Dr. Askhay Prakash – India

Praveen Ohal – India

Judy Hungerford – Australia

Dawn Moncrief – USA

The History of Help Animals India

Eileen Weintraub

Love for animals is universal, and there are good people helping animals all over the world.

An animal advocate since childhood, I started helping animal groups in India in 1998. It was on a visit to India in 2003 that I discovered the existing animal welfare groups of people helping animals against all odds. I was so deeply impressed by the many ways these dedicated people were making a difference for the animals of India that I decided to help in any way I could.

India’s animals and animal protectors face great challenges. But India's constitution asserts that its citizens have a “Duty of Compassion to Animals.”€ This has resulted in some of the world’s most advanced animal rights and protection laws. And while the enforcement of these laws has been another matter, the Indian animal protection and advocacy groups through their relentless efforts to identify animal law violations and engage with local law enforcement authorities, has repeatedly proven itself up to the task.

Examine our financial statements

It's very easy to get a feel for how efficient and healthy a charity is by taking a quick look at their tax returns. Our tax returns are available for download and we will walk you through evaluating these returns. It will only take a few minutes and you will have a great tool for evaluating all charities!

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Homeless dog living on the streets

Where does my donation go?

The donations we receive are awarded as grants to some amazing organizations in India. The amount awarded to each organization varies from year to year depending on what their urgent needs are and how they manage the grant.

Learn more about these wonderful organizations and see how your donations are distributed to them.

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Homeless dog living on the streets

See rescues and programs your donations provided

See your donations at work. Here are a few of the many programs and services you've contributed to recently.

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One of the many cows our groups have rescued

Frequently Asked Questions

We get many questions about our organization and the groups we help, so we have compiled some comprehensive answers to the most common questions here.

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Until he extends his circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.
-Albert Schweitzer
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